11/23 [news] Double S 301, 9-Dec Comeback Confirmed…Album Jacket Revealed

Credits : http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=311&aid=0000675827 (kindbelle@xportsnews.com) / photo=CI ENT + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.wordpress.com & sgnoonas.wordpress.com



Double S 301 who made a comeback after 7 years with mini album ‘ETERNAL 5’ last February, will make their comeback again after 10 months with a second mini album ‘ETERNAL 0’ and ‘ETERNAL 1’.

This album will complete the ‘ETERNAL’ series, the 2 versions of jacket cover of the new album was released through Double S 301’s official company SNS on 23-Nov, garnering attention.

In the album jacket cover for ‘ETERNAL 0’, Double S 301 members wore black suit, catching attention with their manly charm with charismatic looks of their eyes.

‘ETERNAL 1′ album jacket cover which was also released together, has a winter feel to it and shows Double S 301 members’ expression of looking at a distance. The two jacket cover concept image has contrasting charm with each other, making high anticipation to their new album.

Not only this, the sneak preview of the teaser image released on 18-Nov has garnered attention. Fans who learned about Double S 301’s upcoming new concept photo and album release information were looking forward to it. It gained even more attention when it was made known that member Heo YoungSaeng did the full producing of this mini album and had composed and written lyrics for 2 songs in it.

Their company CI ENT said “Double S 301 will release a new album. There will be 2 different versions of album to be released. We worked hard to capture the members’ various charms in it, we hope for fans’ support and anticipation for the mini album which will be released on 9-Dec.”

Double S 301 will release the mini album ‘ETERNAL 0’ and ‘ETERNAL 1’ at the same time on 9-Dec at 00:00hrs.


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