11/24 [news] Double S 301, 8-Dec Comeback Showcase Confirmed

Credits : http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=311&aid=0000676227 kindbelle@xportsnews.com / Photo=CI ENT + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.wordpress.com & sgnoonas.wordpress.com



Group Double S 301 will be holding a comeback showcase to commemorate the release of their album.

Double S 301 will be holding 2016 Double S 301 COMEBACK SHOWCASE ‘ETERNAL 01’ on 8-Dec. Its tickets will be available through Interpark ticket, pre-sale by fan club members will open on 24-Nov while public sale will be opened on 25-Nov.

On 23-Nov, they released 2 sets of teaser photos, each of a different concept, and announced the release of their mini album ‘ETERNAL 0’ and ‘ETERNAL 1’ on 9-Dec at 00:00 hrs. It garnered alot of anticipations from their fans. Double S 301 also announced the showcase event, showing that they will put attention on their local and overseas fans, thus will be expecting the ticket sales to be good.

Double S 301’s new album this time is the final of the ‘ETERNAL’ series, the first mini album ‘ETERNAL 5’ was released in February this year where they made a comeback after 7 years. There are two versions ‘ETERNAL 0’ and ‘ETERNAL 1’ to be released. Member Heo YoungSaeng was fully in charge of its producing and composed and wrote lyrics to the songs including the title song, demonstrating his musicality capacity thus creating even more anticipation for this mini album.

Their agency CI ENT expressed “This showcase will be held right before Double S 301’s album release, the fans will be able to listen to the new songs for the first time, so I hope that many fans will support the showcase. Please also support lots for their new mini album which will be released on 9-Dec.”

Double S 301 will hold their showcase 2016 Double S 301 COMEBACK SHOWCASE ‘ETERNAL 01’on 8-Dec at 8pm in Ehwa Women’s University SamSung Hall, thereafter their mini album ‘ETERNAL 0’ and ‘ETERNAL 1’ will be released simultaneously on 9-Dec 00:00 hrs.

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