11/22 [trans] Double S 301 “We want to reunite just like Sechskies hyungs”

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SS501 was put up to their brilliant prime time as the 2nd generation boyband as soon as they debuted. Despite numerous twists and turns during their hiatus period of 7 years, they are back with an even more confident look. Double S 301, who knows each other’s thinking just by looking at each other. Which is why we trust them even more and wish to watch over them, this is an interview with Double S 301.

▶ It’s been a long time. How have you been?

HYS_ (Kim) KyuJong and I were enlisted into the army. We also had our solo activities during the (group) hiatus period.

KKJ_ I played enthusiastically. Haha. I also did Musical. Filmed drama that was telecast simultaneously in Korea, and also China drama. It may feel like we have been just resting because of the long hiatus period but we are all doing some form of solo activities. Time just passed in a blink while we were doing one thing or another. (laughs)


KHJ_ We didn’t rest. (laughs) While we stopped our group activities, we started our own solo activities immediately. I had alot of solo activities in Japan. I released a solo album and had a concert. In Korea, I filmed about 4 sets of drama. I tried (acting in) daily drama and weekend drama while I am still young, and had alot of good experiences. After trying out various activities, it had helped alot when doing our group activities.

▶ Kim HyungJun’s teacup (toy) puppy was a hot topic in the internet. Is she growing up well?

She grew up really well. She’s 7 years old this year. In human age, that’s 50 years old. Haha. Her weight also ballooned up to about 13kg. Actually I wasn’t conned into buying a teacup (toy) poodle. Isn’t it normal for a toy poodle to grow to this size? I think my Choco is not of the standard size too. (laughs) He (the seller?) gave the puppy to me with a really nice intention but because of this misunderstanding, I remembered that his shop went bust. I want to apologize to him for that.

▶ Kim KyuJong served his military duty in JeonJu. I guess many people welcome you when you serve your duty in your hometown.

I felt very good because many asked about it. But there are really many famous celebrities who came from JeonJu. (Infinite) SungKyu is my high school junior. I was really happy because (he) likes me as I am from JeonJu. When I go to eateries, I get freebies too. Haha. About a year after I completed my military duty, I would go back to have fun with my friends there but there are many people who will be concerned why have I not finished my military duty or that I should be working (not playing).


▶ Heo YoungSaeng appeared in MBC ‘Masked Singer’, were you ever hesitant (to appear in that show)?

There was no hesitation. I really wanted to join the program because you are rated solely based on your voice. I was also curious how well people know my voice.

▶ 2 members lesser. Does that make a big gap?

KHJ_ We performed as trio for the first time between 2008-2009 with the song ‘U R Man’. From a 5-member group to 3-member group, we thought of it was a project at that time, so we didn’t feel that there was a gap. But now we would think that we were 501 and now have become 301. We felt a little awkward with the name 301 but because we have been together for 12 years and know each other well enough just by looking at each other, so it was fun rather than feeling that there is a gap. The feeling of doing activities as a group is fun and good.

▶ What is the reason to change the name to Double S 301?


HYS_ We had a short period of time where we performed ‘U R Man’ as a trio unit group, we didn’t have a unit name but continue using SS501. Many people were confused at that time, and the staffs called us 301 among themselves. That’s why we were concerned if we should come back as 501 or with another unit name. But we decided that we will use 501 when all 5 members are together.

▶ Seems like you are coming back with a new determination. What is the thing that you’re most worried of and the thing you’re most anticipating of?

HYS_ For me, it’s definitely about keeping up with the flow of era/times right after I finished my military service, that was the most worrying part. Actually I was also very worried about the fans because it was a long time since I appear. If I had any sorts of stress/burden, it is that I very much wanted to come back appearing to be even better and with better music. But having released the album, I think that it is not so important to be concerned over doing well or not, the important thing is that we have released our first album. The point is that we have reunite and do this together again. Especially to our fans who heard alot of rumors about 501 being disbanded, I think this will show as a preview that we have not disbanded and we will be able to do it together again.

KKJ_ I think the excitement of doing this together since a long time is huge. Even though we didn’t do activities together, over a drinking session we talked about how fun it would be to do it together, and now that we are actually doing it, I felt excited. (laughs) What I am worried about is as everyone thought, it’s the long hiatus period we’ve had. We also discussed alot on how do we overcome that. We told each other to have fun and enjoy.

KHJ_ Alot of time has passed. I am worried that despite we are the same like before, there are many people who used to love us have left us. This is our 3rd album, alot of people told us that (we’re) looking good, and our juniors also told us that we look great. Having anticipation of us is also a form of not forgetting us isn’t it? Actually I am looking forward to be loved. Haha. Even though not 100%, but I think we have done well to reunite if we can get about 70%.


▶ CSAT forbidden song ‘U R Man’ was well received. Curious if you will have something similar.

KHJ_ Actually ‘PAIN’ is the follow-up song to ‘U R Man’. The composer for the two songs is the same person. Generally, we are always considering 501-like songs. With music that is not a huge difference. That’s why we have ‘PAIN’. It’s like in movies where sequels usually can’t do well. Haha. The original is good. And I am always thankful to the song ‘U R Man’. Because it become an opportunity for younger audience to search and find (the song).

▶ There are many idol juniors whom you met the first time. Which juniors caught your eyes?

HYS_ Everyone seems to do well these days. I enjoy watching the singers and music programs and everyone catches my eyes. At the broadcasting station, I feel good to see my friends whom I used to have activities period together. I had the same activities period as Shinee’s TaeMin, so it was really nice seeing him.

KKJ_ In the past I would monitor how that group is doing, but this time during 301 activities, we watch with fun and free-spirited mind. I find that they look really pretty with their passion which makes them able to do that. As a joke, we would say how YoungSaeng hyung do things like that but we were worried that after a few years his knees would give way. Haha. At that time, we were naive and do things enthusiastically which looks really good.


KHJ_ It’s EXO for me. They’re handsome. Music style is good too. Girl group I.O.I. I watched the reality program and I liked the way they worked hard. It reminds me of my days as a trainee. I think they’re a dream team while I watched (the program). Also had anticipations (for them). (laughs)

▶ Curious how you will spend your thirties.

HYS_ I spent my twenties with activities as an idol, now I want to have activities that are suited for a more matured image. Also those things that I didn’t manage to do due to overwhelming of work, I used to just do whatever the company asked me to do because I didn’t know better, now I want to enjoy whatever I am doing. I want to leave lots of memories, and I want to leave the memories like photos one by one in my mind.

KKJ_ I agree with YoungSaeng hyung. I want to remember each and every (moment) from now on. So that I can talk about it next time. It’s a pity that I couldn’t remember all the details of my twenties.

KHJ_ I think I was too caught up in working hard in my twenties. I want to try to have a dilettante life. I am playing golf bi-weekly these days. And I want to spend more time with my family. I also want to travel with great people and be more relaxed.


▶ Can’t leave out the topic on marriage. Are there any plans to get married?

HYS_ I don’t have plans for marriage since before. Because I’m someone who doesn’t believe in getting married. (laughs) I have relatives who are of my age and they’re all getting married so I sang for them at their weddings. Everytime when my grandmother and other relatives say ‘It should be YoungSaeng’s turn now’ I would just smile. But a job is a job, seems like it has gotten the wrong way. These days I think that by not getting married, it is also a kind of unfilial act. I guess it is because my parents are at the age where they also want to have grandchildren when they see their friends having grandchildren. So if the conditions are right, I will (marry) when I have someone I love.

KKJ_ I want to get married soon. But the people around me who are married kept stopping me. Haha. If I meet that special someone, and have the feeling that she is the one, I will get married. Wouldn’t this time come? Because now is not yet the time. (laughs)

KHJ_ I want to get married before I turn 40. When I still have the 3 in front of my age. Haha.

▶ You’re famous for being ‘The 2nd Sechskies’, Sechskies are currently actively promoting as a complete group. How do you feel? Is there a chance for reunion?

HYS_ Of course there is. But it isn’t easy because the military service period for each man is different. The other 2 members are currently serving their military duties now. If we can fine-tune our schedules, we should be able to reunite in the future since our relationship is great. This is like pre-work in order for 3 of us to reunite as well as 5 of us to reunite. (laughs)

KKJ_ We have to. I want to reunite like Sechskies hyungs.

KHJ_ They are hyungs who are idols to us. When they made their comeback, it gave us lots of thoughts that we should be like them. I was a panel (of judge) in MBC ‘Duet Song Festival’ not long ago. It was the episode where SungHoon hyung came on. I was looking at him by his side, he is really nice and is a singer who is successful on the long run, thus made me determined to live diligently. (laughs)

▶ Please introduce the type of music from Double S 301 this time.

HYS_ It is an album that took a long time to come, I am looking forward to it because I took part in its producing. And there are 2 songs which I have composed and written lyrics for. The most important point in this album is that we removed alot of the features of an idol. We are a dance group so we have shown alot of stage performance in the past, actually we were very concerned of this. While preparing for the album, and I kept thinking that we didn’t show how good our members sing. It is an album filled with songs which can show each of our beautiful voices, and able to express each of our good colors of our voices.

Interview – Im AhHyun
Coordinator – Kim DuRi
Stylist – Lee JiUn
Photographer – Lee KyungJin

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