08/31 [news] “SS301 Coming!”…Kim HyungJun·Heo YoungSaeng·Kim KyuJong, Makes a Comeback Next Year as a Sub-Unit

Credits : (report) olivia731@mydaily.co.kr + (photo) My Daily + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.wordpress.com & sgnoonas.wordpress.com



Group SS501’s Kim HyungJun, Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong, will be making a comeback next year as a trio sub-unit.

On 31-Aug, Kim KyuJong’s agency B2M Entertainment told MyDaily “Kim HyungJun, Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong are in discussion of making a comeback as a trio sub-unit. Even though plans are not finalized yet, the members are very determined and our side (B2M Entertainment) is also very supportive of it.”

In addition, a related person in the industry has revealed that they are preparing for the comeback which is targeted to be early next year. Kim HyungJun and Heo YoungSaeng had conveyed this similar message each on their own this month, during their solo concert and fan meeting respectively. They are currently in the midst of their solo activities now. Whereas Kim KyuJong will be meeting with his fans through a solo fan meeting in Japan from 12-Sep.

Trio sub-unit group made up of Kim HyungJun, Heo YoungSaeng and Kim KyuJong, was formed back in 2008, and was well-loved with their hit songs such as “U R Man”. SS501 members Kim HyunJoong and Park JungMin are serving their military service at the moment.

One thought on “08/31 [news] “SS301 Coming!”…Kim HyungJun·Heo YoungSaeng·Kim KyuJong, Makes a Comeback Next Year as a Sub-Unit

  1. Reblogged this on Saz33na's Blog and commented:
    Something to look forward again!!
    So ye, it’s a YaY!!!

    No idea when will i be able to witness all 5 together or any of these boys but this news is close enough to make me excited about. I guess with their comeback I will be back in fandom again haha kinda lost 😉

    Anyway, very much looking forward 😀


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