09/08 [news] Kim KyuJong, Casted As Male Lead for ‘Start Love’…Acting Opposite Mamamoo’s MoonByul

Credits : (report) ent@stoo.com SportsToday + (photo) B2M Entertainment + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.wordpress.com & sgnoonas.wordpress.com



SS501 Kim KyuJong has been casted as the male lead for web drama ‘Start Love’ which will be shown through Naver TV Cast in end September, and has recently finished the filming.

‘Start Love’ is a drama about the sweet romance of a couple in their twenties, and talks about how their love started with some comical and twist in the story. Kim KyuJong and MoonByul from the popular girl group Mamamoo (as role of NaYoung) has been casted as the male and female lead.

‘Start Love’ is directed by Kim YoungNam who has directed ‘Boat’ starring Ha JungWoo, ‘Don’t Look Back’, etc. Even though this is a web drama, it will have the beautiful shots like a movie.

Kim KyuJong will act the role of ‘HeeMin’ who has a chic character, and is the attractive guy whom female lead ‘NaYoung’ fantasizes on. Having foundation from the many experiences in acting in dramas, he will be showing an upgraded acting in this drama.

Meanwhile, Kim KyuJong will be meeting with his overseas fans starting from 13-Sep, having his first live (performance) in Japan, and a Latin America Tour in October.

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