12/02 [news] SS301 Heo YoungSaeng “Kickstart with an OST prior to Comeback”

Credits : http://entertain.naver.com/music/now/read?oid=016&aid=0001162909 (culture@heraldcorp.com) + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.wordpress.com & sgnoonas.wordpress.com



Prior to Double S 301’s comeback activities, Heo YoungSaeng has kick-start to gain popularity with a drama OST song.

Heo YoungSaeng, who received an offer to sing for MBC weekend drama ‘Blow Breeze’ OST, has recorded the song ‘I cannot forget’.

SS501, Double S 301 member Heo YoungSaeng carried out his solo activities concurrently, and has been recognized for being a talented vocalist through drama OSTs such as ‘Friend, Our Times’, ‘Protect the Boss’, etc., showing his power in music sales. He also displayed another side of himself as a multi-entertainer through acting in drama ‘I need a fairy’ in 2012.

The new song ‘I cannot forget’ is a ballad song that expresses the painful feeling and unableness to forget about the person who he loves after the breakup. ‘I will erase you / The ring at the end of the finger is painful … It is painful as much as the fingers has worn out / What can I really do’ are some of the lyrics, through Heo YoungSaeng’s singing, you will feel serene but sorrowful.

Creating the sorrowful mood with piano and strings, as well as the emotional vocal, this song heightens the drama mood. The song is composed jointly by Bad Boss (배드보스) and Turns Out You’re In Coma (알고보니혼수상태).

Double S 301 will make their comeback on the 8-Dec through showcase ‘ETERNAL 01’, and Heo YoungSaeng’s drama OST participation prior to that has gathered attention from their fans.

MBC weekend drama ‘Blow Breeze’ OST Part.13 Heo YoungSaeng’s ‘I cannot forget’ will be released on 3-Dec at 8:00 PM through various music sites.

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