07/13 [news] Heo YoungSaeng, Last OST for ‘The Emperor: Owner of the Mask’..’Looking’ To Be Released Today Noon

Credits : http://v.entertain.media.daum.net/v/20170713073402830?f=m + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.wordpress.com & sgnoonas.wordpress.com


SS301 Heo YoungSaeng will sing for the last OST for drama ‘The Emperor: Owner of the Mask’.

Heo YoungSaeng is the last to join the singing rank for MBC Wed-Thu drama ‘The Emperor: Owner of the Mask’, with a ballad song ‘Looking’ which expresses the pain of love.

‘Another day has passed, I slept in pain / I dreamt that I will sleep in your arms some day / I’m afraid we are drifting apart again, being the only one who is holding on / Do you know such kind of love? Do you know my heart? / The painful love that goes around’ are the lyrics of the song expressing sadness and regrettable feeling. The song has repetitive lyrics like ‘Looking, waiting, loving’ and with its melody, gives a touching musical feeling.

With sophisticated piano playing and guitarist Kim MinKyu’s acoustic guitar playing, Heo YoungSaeng’s sweet voice harmonized with them making the song display its sensitivity, like the pain of one-sided love of HwaGun (Yoon SoHee) towards LeeSun (Yoo SeungHo) in the drama. The song was put together by global producer cum composer BadBoss and AsYouKnow who is popular with various genre of music.

SS301’s main vocalist, Heo YoungSaeng has participated in various drama OST last year such as ‘Blow Breeze’ ‘Rude Miss Young-Ae’, receiving interests among his fans. Through ‘Masked Singer’, ‘Duet Song Festival’, he has also created a sensation with his performances. He also received lots of popularity through SS301 special album ‘UNISON VOLUME 1’ which was released earlier in June.

Producing company for the OST, PlusMedia’s CEO Lee SungKwon said “The last OST song for ‘The Emperor: Owner of the Mask’ is ‘Looking’ by Heo YoungSaeng, the song is beautiful and descriptive of the drama as it unfolds. I thank all of you who have given interest and support of the drama and its OST.”

‘The Emperor: Owner of the Mask’ OST, Heo YoungSaeng’s ‘Looking’ will be released on 13-July at noon.

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