06/26 [news] Kim KyuJong, Successfully Finishes First Solo Concert ‘Between Spring & Summer’

Credits : http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=312&aid=0000266883 + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.wordpress.com & sgnoonas.wordpress.com


Kim KyuJong Concert / Photo credit to CI ENT

Kim KyuJong from Double S 301 finishes his first solo concert successfully.

Double S 301’s Kim KyuJong held his solo concert ‘First Fragment – Between Spring & Summer’ on 22nd, 24th and 25th June in HongDae Rolling Hall, and spent meaningful times with his fans.

As this concert is Kim KyuJong’s first solo concert, it has gathered lots of anticipations from fans from the start. All tickets for all shows were sold out right after thet went on sale on 26-May through Interpark Ticket, confirming Kim KyuJong’s high popularity.

The concert started as Kim KyuJong appeared when the curtain goes up and in the cheers of his fans, with a live band, he sang ‘Hello, Spring’, title song from hist first single album ‘Play in Nature Part.1 SPRING’ which was released on 10-May, as well as ‘Get Ya Luv’, then he talked about his feelings and said his thanks to fans who has waited for him for so long.

Kim KyuJong also sang acoustic version of SS501’s ‘SKY’ which lead to cheers from fans, ‘My You’, ‘Because I am Stupid’, etc. Besides these mellow songs, he also sang ‘U R Man’, ‘PAIN’, which are more performance-based songs. The whole concert made the fans ecstatic as it was filled with various performances of acoustic emotions and charisma.

There was a special section ‘ThanKYU For You’ where he played with the fans. He would introduce the story which
fans sent, and sang covers of Zico’s ‘You are Me, I am You’, and Crush’s ‘Beautiful’, live on the spot. Through the approximately 2 hours concert, he has created memories that the fans would never forget.

Kim KyuJong, who sang about 20 songs live, expressed his feelings “I am glad because I am able to meet with my fans in a close distance through the concert, I want to thank my fans for always supporting me. I’ve prepared diligently to show a more diverse image as this is my first solo concert. All thanks to the enthusiastic cheers throughout the concert, I was able to enjoy performing.”

With the successful completion of his first solo concert, Kim KyuJong will hold his first showcase ‘Play in Nature – Kim Kyu Jong 1st Showcase in Taipei’ on 29-July in Taiwan.

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