06/19 [trans] Kim KyuJong – Taiwan Fan Meet Promotional Vid

Credits : https://www.facebook.com/NoFearTW/ + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.wordpress.com & sgnoonas.wordpress.com


Play in Nature-Kim Kyu Jong 1st Showcase in Taipei Promotional Vid

Hello Taiwan~
I am Kim KyuJong
(Talks in Taiwanese language) Everyone in Taiwan, how are you doing?
(Talks in Taiwanese language) Did you miss me?
Hello everyone, it’s been a long time
I am Kim KyuJong
I am finally going to Taiwan to meet with you
And what is it for?
It’s for my showcase
On 29-July
At ATT Showbox
I will meet with everyone then and there
On that day, I will be performing my new song
“Hello Spring”, and “Wind”
Besides this album, I will also be performing some other new songs
I hope for your support and love
It has been a long time since I’ve met with you all
So I’ve been working hard preparing for this
I am very nervous and excited
Until the day we meet
Please take care of yourselves
I will go and meet you on 29-July
Well then, see you then
I love you

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