05/29 [trans] Hong DJ’s Handsome BFFs with Kim KyuJong, Park JiBin

Credits : http://www.kbs.co.kr/radio/coolfm/hongkiss/photo/index.html + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.wordpress.com & sgnoonas.wordpress.com


[HongKiRa Reserved Seats]

Who are the invited guests this week?

Kim KyuJong & Park JiBin

Actor Park JiBin who has been discharged from army and haven’t been appearing in broadcasts for a long time

What happened in the meantime?
What a guy, real man~!!

Always soft-spoken guy
SS301 Kim KyuJong

KyuJong is..really.. be it in the past or now
Handsome as ever!!

Cuddle~ they are close with each other

Because they are actually very close with each other~
That’s why there are endless of tip-offs between them right?keke

HongKi DJ sent a Kakaotalk message to SS301 YoungSaeng
Using this photo with KyuJong and JiBin and asked
‘Where am I good?’  (xc: Literally “which part of me do you think is good?”)
But the reply didn’t come in even till the end of the broadcast….

YoungSaeng’s reply!
We’re sharing it here with HongKiRa family

Where does YoungSaeng thinks HongKi DJ is good?

Where does YoungSaeng thinks is good about his dongsaeng KyuJong?

Where does YoungSaeng thinks is good about his dongsaeng JiBin?

Next time we shall invite YoungSaeng too~
Get everyone together again shortly!
KyuJong! JiBin! Thank you for coming to HongKiRa
See you again next time 🙂

+ P.S
Solo cuts of the handsome two! Please enjoy viewing

Sweetest in the world KyuJong

V V ~~

Now for JiBin who became a ‘MAN’!

(Aigoo So warming)

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