02/20 [trans] 2017 KIM HYUN JOONG FANMEETING ‘ANEMONE’ Priority Pre-sale Information for Korea Fans

Credits : hyun-joong.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.wordpress.com & sgnoonas.wordpress.com


(Pre-sale seats – 704 seats : Front middle block colored in yellow)

This is Key East.

We would like to inform you about Kim HyunJoong’s solo fan meeting 2017 KIM HYUN JOONG FANMEETING ‘ANEMONE’ which will be held on 29-April.

This fan meeting will be one held after nearly 4 years since his last Seoul fan meeting in 2013, we will be having priority pre-sale for the tickets for Korean fans who have waited for him.

We have secured 704 seats in the front middle block of the venue of this Seoul fan meeting just for the Korean fans. There is a procedure in place to obtain these tickets, we hope for your consideration on this.
After this priority pre-sale, the normal pre-sale will commence, so for fans who couldn’t get the tickets from this priority pre-sale, we hope you can purchase using the normal pre-sale process.

Please check for further details provided below.

Thank you.

= Event Information =
– Date/Time : 29-April-2017 (Sat) 7.00 PM
(Please note that there might be delay in the entrance time according to the situation at the time of event. We appreciate your understanding on this)
– Event Venue : Olympic Park’s Olympic Hall
– Viewer Rating : All ages
– Ticket Price : 99,000 won (Includes VAT, price is same for all seats)

= Priority Pre-sale Information =
– Priority Pre-sale application period : 22-Feb (Wed) ~ 28-Feb (Tue)
– Priority Pre-sale announcement of successful applicants : 3-Mar (Fri) 11 AM through Kim HyunJoong’s official home page, under NEWS – NOTICE board
– Priority Pre-sale authentication period : 3-Mar (Fri) 4 PM ~ 9-Mar (Thu) 11:59 PM
– Priority Pre-sale start of sale : 6-Mar (Mon) 4 PM ~ 9-Mar (Thu) 11:59 PM – 704 seats (refer to image above)
– Normal Pre-sale start of sale : 13-Mar (Mon) 8 PM
– Ticket delivery : Estimated delivery starts from 27-Mar (Mon) (delivery schedule may change according to situations)

– Ticketing website: Ticketlink – http://www.ticketlink.co.kr
– Enquiries : Ticket Link 1588-7890

= Priority Pre-sale Application Method =

1. Application Period
22-Feb-2017 (Wed) ~ 29-Feb (Tue)

2. Application format & method
1) Attach scan copy of your passport and identification card (please erase the last 7 digit of your ID number before attaching the image)
2) Name
3) Contact details (phone number, email)
4) Attach a photo of KIM HYUN JOONG’s single album and limited edition album

Using the above format, please send an email to the person in charge of Key East Fan Meeting at email anemone@keyeast.co.kr

3. Important Notes
– Priority pre-sale ticket is limited to one per applicant. Do note that we do not allow duplicate application.

– Please adhere strictly to the application method as stated above. Any missing or incorrect information will lead to difficulties in confirming your application and will be excluded from the list.

– Because this priority pre-sale is done for Kim HyunJoong’s local (Korean) fans, this procedure is required in order to confirm the fans, we seek for your understanding.

– There is no limit to the number of applicants for the priority pre-sale, all fans who follow the application format and method correctly will be eligible for this priority pre-sale.
However, in case where all 704 seats allocated for this priority pre-sale are taken up, we wish to inform you beforehand that you will then have to purchase your tickets during the normal pre-sale.

= Priority Pre-sale Announcement of Successful Applicants =

– 3-Mar-2017 (Fri) 11 AM, notice will be posted in Kim HyunJoong’s official homepage, at NEWS-NOTICE board.

= Priority Pre-sale Authentication Process Information =

– Priority Pre-sale authentication period : 3-Mar (Fri) 4 PM ~ 9-Mar (Thu) 11:59 PM

1. Log-in to Ticketlink
2. Go to 2017 KIM HYUN JOONG FANMEETING ‘ANEMONE’ pre-sale ticketing page
3. Click on Fan Club Authentication banner
4. Key in your name and contact details

7 thoughts on “02/20 [trans] 2017 KIM HYUN JOONG FANMEETING ‘ANEMONE’ Priority Pre-sale Information for Korea Fans

    1. The special priority presale is for Korean fans. Japan & China/Taiwan/Hong Kong fans can purchase tour package that includes hotel, land transfer and fan meet tickets from authorised agents. Other overseas fans can sign up at ticketlink website and purchase the tickets on our own


  1. Oh…. we also waiting for participate this event… please give a chance to other overseas fans well. Because, they are waiting & heartily support to Kim Hyun Joong always as well as Korea, China, Japan etc. Problem is they far from Korea & wait until organize such event to participate & give their greetings to KHJ.. please consider about Other overseas fans & we also like to take opportunity.


  2. KE appears to have sabotaged any attempt by USA fans and other Fans around the world. We have Henecia Groups in many countries, but we have no access to the fan meeting tickets.


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