12/08 [news] ‘ETERNAL 01’ Double S 301, They are still the same…’Thank you for coming back’

Credits : http://news.topstarnews.net/detail.php?number=228842 + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.wordpress.com & sgnoonas.wordpress.com


They are possible, they came out as a unit unlike a unit. Who are we talking about? ‘Ddaraddadda you’ Double S 301, that’s who we’re talking about.

Double S 301’s 2nd mini album ‘ETERNAL 01’ showcase will be held on 8-Dec at Ehwa Woman’s University Samsung Hall.

Through the 2nd mini album title song ‘REMOVE’, Double S 301 shows the image of (someone) trying to forget the past love. Through this mid-tempo ballad song, it shows even more of their charisma.

The album title song ‘REMOVE’ is produced by Heo YoungSaeng. His previous albums and that he is from SS501 is also attracted many fans.

Members appeared on stage with an even more handsome image. Their black clothing line emphasized on their sharp image. They used a loud voice and said “It’s been a long time”, starting their showcase with this greeting.

The performance started with MY YOU, the song that Kim HyungJun chose as his ‘3rd favorite song’. It is a sweet song just with their voices. It feels like someone you love singing to you as the person who listens to the song. The members are also very into this song. Heo YoungSaeng introduced the song and said “I want to convey a warm song in the winter.”

Heo YoungSaeng also converyed his thanks to the members for the title song for this album. He said “I felt proud rather than burdened. I have the voices (that I want) in mind and the members did even better.”


His inspiration for the song is also “Members’ voices”. Heo YoungSaeng said “I think I’ve written the song thinking about only their voices. Rather than the story for the song, I wrote while thinking more of members’ vocal.” And he pointed to Kim HyungJun and said “The medium low voice is good. He does alot of beginning (song) parts.” Kim HyungJun laughed and joked “That’s why I did the most of opening of doors in music videos.” Kim KyuJong praised “His voice uses alot of breathing. That’s the emotions are really deep. So he did alot of parts right before the chorus.”

This album is also very meaningful to Kim HyungJun. Kim HyungJun will be enlisting to the military very soon, he said positively, “Hyungs told me alot (about serving military). I think the promotional activities this time will be my last. I’m at the age, born in 1987, where they are going to summon for enlistment. I will enjoy it and return.”

Their title song performance is a song that shows the idol members’ experience. Moving their bodies lightly, and giving off their masculine beauty. Just like what Heo YoungSaeng said, we can see the members flying on the stage as if they are wearing clothes that is well-fitted for themselves.


Although quite ambiguous to be calling them ‘idol’, but they carry their very own style and stand on the stage once again. And the result of it, “as expected”.

There is no opportunity to see them perform in music programs. However, Double S 301 revealed that they are in planning for a surprise concert for their fans. It is the last gift before HyungJun’s enlistment, for the fans who have waited so long for them.

We are waiting for them as usual. They are too, as if they knew, appeared again before us with a great image as expected. We will be supporting them as usual on their future that has rest to it.

Meanwhile, Double S 301 will have fan sign events after ‘ETERNAL 01’ album release.

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