12/05 [trans] Gathering Music Site Account IDs

Credits : 더블에스301 총공팀 ‏@suport501_301 (twitter) + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.wordpress.com & sgnoonas.wordpress.com


xiaochu note: All except BUGS require identity verification which means that overseas fans will not be able to create an account. Therefore, I’ve only translated the instructions for BUGS. For the rest of the music sites, refer to https://twitter.com/suport501_301/status/788398344133423104


Collecting Account IDs – BUGS
Making BUGS account is very easy and doesn’t require identity verification. Please send us the accounts that you are not personally using. In addition, its download count ratio is very big.

Creating an Account – Join easily with an email
It is possible to join even with an email that is non-existence.
Appreciate if you can use @gmail.com email domain.
(However, because there might be chances that the emails are being used, we recommend to use special characters in the email.)

You can create 6 accounts per hour per IP address.
If you exceed 6 accounts per hour, the accounts you have created earlier will be made invalid.
Thus please take note not to exceed 6 accounts in an hour.
If you are using IP bypass programs, possibility of being blocked is very high. To be able to create accounts continuously, using data instead of wifi, go to setting ‘airplane mode’ setting > Change IP if being blocked.

Where to send – Please send email to 501gallery501@gmail.com
Subject : [벅스]
Contents: Account ID you’ve created / password
*In order to easily identify various IDs, you may send 1 email per account ID.
*Please send us as many account IDs as possible.

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