11/25 [news] Double S 301, Mini Album ‘ETERNAL 0’ & ‘ETERNAL 1’ Pre-order starts 25-Nov

Credits : http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=215&aid=0000512192 (onlinenews@wowtv.co.kr) + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.wordpress.com & sgnoonas.wordpress.com



Double S 301’s 2nd mini alum pre-order has started.

Prior to the release of Double S 301’s 2nd mini album ‘ETERNAL 0’ and ‘ETERNAL 1’ on 9-Dec at 00:00hrs, the album pre-order will be available from 25-Nov through various online music stores.

This album is the completion of the ‘ETERNAL’ series, the first mini album ‘ETERNAL 5’ was released in February this year. The album comes with a CD and HQ photobook (60 pages), random photocard of 3 types and a limited-edition poster. ‘ETERNAL 0’ and ‘ETERNAL 1’ which shows charisma and smoothing charm respectively in each of the versions, will be released at the same time.

The title song ‘REMOVE’ is a song about a man’s breakup where he’s trying to forget about the past love, which is expected to make alot of people feel the same way. Besides this song, ‘LA LA LA’, ‘MY YOU’, ‘LUV WITH U’, ‘My UNIVERSE’, a total of 5 songs will be included in the album.

Through this album, Double S 501 will show their musical talents to a higher level, member Heo YoungSaeng took charge of the producing, he also composed and wrote lyrics for ‘REMOVE’ and another song included in the album, displaying another side of himself as a producer.

Double S 301 will be holding ‘2016 Double S 301 COMEBACK SHOWCASE’ on 8-Dec (Thu), the advance purchase has been opened for purchase by fan club members on 24-Nov, and public sale will be on 25-Nov at 8pm, through Interpark Ticket.

Their agency CI ENT expressed “The pre-order for Double S 301 2nd mini album will start from 25-Nov. They have devoted their heart and soul on this mini album which displays members’ individual broadened musical spectrum, we hope that many fans will support this new album which will be released on 9-Dec.”

Double S 301 will hold their showcase 2016 Double S 301 COMEBACK SHOWCASE ‘ETERNAL 01’on 8-Dec at 8pm in Ehwa Women’s University SamSung Hall, their mini album ‘ETERNAL 0’ and ‘ETERNAL 1’ will be released simultaneously on 9-Dec 00:00 hrs.

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