11/18 [news] Double S 301 releases mysterious image hinting at comeback

Credits : http://eng.ajunews.com/view/20161118094423284 (sestar@sedaily.com)


[Courtesy of CI ENT]

Double S 301, a unit of South Korean boy group SS501, released a mysterious image through its agency’s Facebook Friday, sparking curiosity from fans.

After the midnight release, sleepless Fans were flocking to online communities to decipher the mysterious black and white image showing turtleneck sweaters of the three unit members pulled up to the chins with eyes closed. A poem was written at the bottom: “Gone – flitted away, taken the stars from the night and the sun, from the day! Gone, and a cloud in my heart,” written by British poet Alfred Tennyson.

The unit also left a mysterious comment on its Facebook page — ‘ETERNAL 5’ ‘ETERNAL 0’ ‘ETERNAL 1’. Fans believe it could be the title for upcoming albums or singles. Double S 301 released its first mini-album ETERNAL 5 in February. Some fans claim the piece of poem definitely has a meaning.

Aju News Park Sae-jin = swatchsjp@ajunews.com

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