09/28 [trans] Kim HyunJoong – Letter in “5th Anniversary The Best”

Credits : (pic) SWxSSS (@SHINee_501 in twitter) + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.wordpress.com & sgnoonas.wordpress.com



Now there’s only 1 last tour concert left now.
With the upcoming concert, I thought about a lot of things, and wrote this letter.
Kim Hyun Joong Japan Tour 2015 ‘GEMINI’ is done together by my beloved band, staffs and concert crew, holding 15 concerts around Japan for one whole month.
Everything about those 15 concerts to me is really…a happy time.
From the time I first stood on stage 10 years ago, I am happiest when I am singing on stage.
And above everything else, I was able to spend my happiest moments with all my fans..
To my fans whom made it possible for me to stand on stage, I sincerely thank you.
During the 10 years of debut, even though there are many times that were tough and painful, all thanks to everyone who always believe in me and gave me determination, I think that was what made me strive till now.
For the upcoming 2 years, deep inside my heart… I will carry the gems called ‘everyone’ in my arms, I promise that we will meet again after 2 years with more matured and good music.
Thank you for always believing and supporting me by my side.
And I promise to say ‘I love you’ in 2 years’ time…I shall end here.

-Kim Hyun Joong-

4 thoughts on “09/28 [trans] Kim HyunJoong – Letter in “5th Anniversary The Best”

  1. We could not ever thank you enough my beloved Only One Kim Hyun Joong for all these last
    10 years of happiness and joyful moments you granted us with such devotion and love.
    Time is coming now to show you how much we love you and admire your courage in all circumstances. We are your big family. We belongs to your magical world. We are sharing all your successful ascending triumphs and all your burden… Nothing could separate us. Time and distance make nothing when our hearts are beatings at the same symphony of love. We will still by your side
    always together and forever. Be happy and wealthy and come back to us to give the World more and more of your fireworks concerts and shows to warm up our lives again.
    Your faithful fan ❤ ~
    aida Dagher
    alias Taeborum Kim
    Beirut – Lebanon


  2. But every day I see you………………. Khj.
    I listen to music all day but you……………. Khj
    Waiting for you to come back again …………….khj


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