06/08 [trans] Exclusive Interview 1 : Into the Thirties, Double S 301 “Aren’t We Like Uncles?”

06/08 [trans] Exclusive Interview 1 : Into the Thirties, Double S 301 “Aren’t We Like Uncles?”

Credits : popnews@heraldcorp.com  (http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=112&aid=0002820835) + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.wordpress.com & sgnoonas.wordpress.com


Met some familiar faces. Three people came in noisily and said hello, somehow I was touched. Three of them whom fans, and general public are familiar with, interview with Double S 301 started.

Double S 301 returned to their fans with mini album “ETERNAL 5” last February. It has been 7 years since 3 of them came together, If we count by SS501’s activities, that will be 6 years since they release a new album. New song is titled “PAIN”. The song’s lyrics and melody is about the affectionate feeling of a guy who cannot let go of his love.


And just like this, the activities for “PAIN”, which excited many fans, ended which is the moment that marks the start of another long wait, however news of Double S 301 releasing another new album has kept the fans excited. Midnight of 9-Jun, new song will be released after about 4 months since their last song release. New song “AH-HA” has a completely different feel from “PAIN” which was introduced as a 2016 version of “U R MAN”, the new song has elements of hip-hop and a touch of funky. It is a different feel from what we are familiar of Double S 301 and SS501’s style.

“[PAIN] was selected as it was a long time since our comeback and we wanted to show the 3 guy’s image of what we have shown during “U R MAN”. But if we were to have another similar song, it will be an old feeling instead, we wanted to show that we are still young, we want to show everyone a fun song. Season is also seasonal, we have our hair colors bright too.” (Kim Kyu Jong)

Different from their previous activities where they wore sophisticated suits, they wore casual to match with the song’s feel this time. Besides Kim KyuJong who is taking care of “catch the pose part”, the other 2 members have their hair color in light shades to bring up the mood of the song. “Have the idol feel from head onwards” I said and they replied “Shinhwa hyung-deul are also idol” and laughed.


Kim HyungJun smiled and asked “Aren’t we looking too much like uncles as compared to the idols who are currently active?” Of course, Kim HyungJun has not changed since many years ago during SS501 days. Furthermore this is not something to ask in these days where 1st generation idols couldn’t comeback/reunite. Double S 301 also have had a long period of hiatus before making their comeback. The news of 1st generation idol’s comeback/reunite seems to be able to touch (people’s) hearts.

“That’s right. Good to have hyung-deul come back, seems like they have synergy with each other, the sunbae showed us that can be done so we also want to set a good example.” (Kim HyungJun)

“I think we gained lots of confidence, we had worries such as if we will harm the memories or achievements from our past activities. While having those considerations, we made the song “PAIN”. We saw how the sunbae do it and think that those ideas are out-dated, if we think slightly differently, it’s a time for us to do music with our fans and general public, so slowly our minds changed.” (Kim KyuJong)

But during their comeback with “PAIN”, they didn’t do enough promotional activities as the fans wished. Compared to the long period of waiting, the promotional period was short. That is not because the members didn’t want to go on to promote. On the contrary, they had a strong desire to go on broadcast promotion activities. However due to various reasons, they didn’t have the opportunities to get on variety programs other than music shows. Specially as their concert schedule is very packed.

“At that time, frankly we were quite busy. Because we have an upcoming Seoul concert and had to prepare for it, as well as preparing for a Japan album and concert tour. We did the preparations amidst our promotional activities.” (Heo YoungSaeng)

“We had to do both concurrently, we practised after we finished the broadcast activities. We also felt sad about it. We could have prepared in advance, but we had a lot of meetings because it is a long time since we made a comeback so it took a long time.” (Kim KyuJong)


The things that they couldn’t tell fans then are put into the song “SHINING STAR” which is included in this album. “SHINING STAR” is written by the 3 members. The title is by Heo YoungSaeng and members wrote together about what they wanted to tell their fans. The song holds a special meaning to the members and their fans. This is the so-called Double S 301’s “Fan Song”.

“What more do I need to explain. It is meaningful and like an everyday conversation than a formal talk, We write it like a normal daily talk such as ‘What did you do today, you’ve worked hard today’. Also, we have hidden the word SS501 in the lyrics. It’s difficult to find.” (Heo YoungSaeng)

“I also found something new when I read the lyrics for the first time. Those are not words that hyung uses frequently, I wanted to know why he used those words and I asked him, and he said there is a secret there. That’s why the title is “SHINING STAR”. It’s “SS”.” (Kim KyuJong)

The album title has a special meaning too. The album released in February is “ETERNAL 5” which meant “5 person forever together”. This album title is “ESTRENO” which meant “debut” in Spanish. Is there a special reason behind having such titles?

“We will have our comeback on 8-Jun, which is SS501’s debut day. To make comeback on that same day is very meaningful so we decided on the same. It’s not that we set the date to coincide, we just wanted to show ourselves more often and release more albums. Originally this album can be released earlier but because of our tour schedule, which overlaps with our activities in Japan, so it was postponed a little. The (release) date was pushed back to 7-Jun originally so we change to 8-Jun to coincide (with debut date).” (Heo YoungSaeng)


Thanks to that, they are able to spend their debut anniversary with their fans this time. Because both their new song performance and music release are on 8-Jun. In order to spend this special day with their fans. Fans, who have waited for them for a long time, and cheering for them when they return, are a blessing to them.

“When we say we are going to release an album, it always gets delayed a lot. It’s not really serious to us but because there are still insufficient parts so we would push back for 2~3 weeks to prepare more. Fans would have thought it will be delayed this time too, we get such response a lot. We did our best to prepare and release (album) on time. I felt happy that we are able to release it on time and I think fans are glad too.” (Kim KyuJong)

“We are very thankful to our fans. Because of them we are able to reunite after a long time and are able to sing, we really want to show an even better self. We are eager to show our gratefulness through our music. Above all, we are happy that our fans did not leave (us).” (Heo YoungSaeng)

Fan’s unfaithfulness is just one isn’t it? Hope that we can often see Double S 301’s performance. This is no doubt what the members hoped for.

“We wanted to come out (on stage) often, but this song was part of the consideration during “PAIN” production so it is able to came out faster than usual, we don’t know how it go the next time and only know when we get into activities then. Should we be looking for a song suitable for autumn, or a song suitable for winter, or if the mood is right a happy song for the summer can be released right on. There are so many factors.” (Kim KyuJong)


During “PAIN” promotional activities, they managed to clinched a 1st place trophy. I asked if there is something they wish to achieve during this promotional activities period, they thought about it and spoke out their hearts truthfully.

“We want to get 1st place every time we release an album. We always have that in mind but personally I hope that this album will be Double S 301’s happy energy. The song is a light hearted song, I hope we can communicate more and enjoy our activities, hope that we can show our juniors that we are carefree and enjoying our performance. I also want to show Double S 301’s uniqueness.” (Kim KyuJong)

To add on, after the squabble among the members, they promised to have a “Chicmaek (chicken + beer) Party” with their fans if they get 1st place. The day that Double S 301 win 1st place, please go ahead to request it from them. (Interview part 2 to be continued)

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