06/07 [trans] Double S 301 Behind-The-Scene Exclusive Cuts + Debut 11th Anniversary Special Video!

06/07 [trans] Double S 301 Behind-The-Scene Exclusive Cuts + Debut 11th Anniversary Special Video!

Credits : Article/Photos/Videos = CI ENT (http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=420&aid=0000003017 ) + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.wordpress.com & sgnoonas.wordpress.com


■ SINCE 2005.06.08 ~
“Will become a super star forever as one” they shouted and came upon the music scene!

It has been already 11 years since they stood in front of everyone shouting to be together forever. Even though they have parted ways to do their own activities, their hearts are always as one…
And in order to keep their promise to their fans of being together forever, 3 men have returned! In February they replied the long waiting by their fans with a mini album [ETERNAL 5]!


Thereafter, in about 4 months on 8-June. After the comeback after 7 years, on time for their debut 11th anniversary, they are coming back with a special album [ESTRENO].


The special album “ESTRENO” which meant ‘Debut’ in Spanish, like its meaning, is fully filled with the love for Double S 301 where Green Peas Triple S’s support and love remains unchanged for 11 years. The title song “AH-HA” is a unique addictive song which is Double S 301’s forte, “SHINNING STAR” is a song that are written directly by the three members for their fans, this album is full of their gratitude and repayment!


And… This special album [ESTRENO] is for for their fans who have waited, released exclusively through Naver Entertainment Special, Double S 301’s behind-the-scene photos from the past 4 months will be released!!

■ 7 Years Since Their Last Comeback, Mini Album [ETERNAL 5]

They made a comeback with [PAIN], an addictive powerful song which is like an extension of song [U R MAN] that attracted large popularity for them during their activities as a 3-member unit group! They were very thankful to their fans who has anticipated and waited for the 3 men’s comeback, but on the other hand they started their activities with half worries and half excitement.


Thanks to the many love and support, they are able to enjoy the activities! Each and very day was enjoyable and grateful!


YoungSaeng SAYS,
“I think we prepared (for activities) amongst stress and excited, worries and happiness. We were also worried what if many people forgot about us already, but we were also happy to be able to stand in front of everyone once again. We realise once again how much it meant to be able to stand on the stage. We will be showing our best image often now.”


KyuJong SAYS,
“I think it was an activity period where we have gained a lot. It was a tight schedule with no rest days so it was quite tough physically but we are able to overcome that quickly because we are doing activities with our members. I felt the preciousness of the people around us who has supported us and always be together with us.”


HyungJun SAYS,
“It feels like debuting again. Fans who came to every broadcast in order to support us, audience who came to the concert with eyes lit with excitement and holding up the light sticks just like those good old times… I think I will not be able to forget each and every one of them. I am also excited as much as the fans.”

■ Your Oppa-deul Return Again… Concert [U R MAN IS BACK]


No sooner than they finished their broadcast activities, they held “DOUBLE S 301 CONCERT [U R MAN IS BACK]”.
“DIRTY LOVE”, “SAXAPHONE” which were not performed during their broadcast activities were performed for the first time, as well as very well hidden hidden tracks Produce 101’s “PICK ME” and Girlfriend’s “From Today We”!
In order to have a great performance and make wonderful memories, the concert was prepared in an absolute secret setting until right before the concert starts.


Right after the Seoul concert, continues with [U R MAN IS BACK] Tour! Taiwan, Japan and other overseas tour schedules are in the planning, they will see even nicer and more fans from all over the world. Compared to the busy period of comeback and concert preparation in the early half of the year, they will be having even busier activity schedules in the future, please look forward to Double S 301 activities!


Three members who are like family more than their own family, Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong, Kim HyungJun! After 11 years of debut, listen to their inner heart through exclusive video “Double S 301 Debut 11th Anniversary Special Video” by Naver Entertainment Special!


Convey of their heartfelt words! Who will be the 1st member to confess?


Magnae Kim HyungJun who is very worried for sick leader hyung! Who will be the next member to confess?

Members who left their seat because he’s too embarrassed to be listening… but watching and listening attentively right by the side.


Ending with Double S 301’s center Kim KyuJong’s difficult promise of being a Dongsaeng who will take care of hyung continuously and diligently, and his heartfelt words time.


And to “Triple S” whom the 3 men would like to convey their utmost sincerity.

Thank you for the love in these 11 years.
Please give lots of love to this special album [ESTRENO] and title song “AH-HA” which is filled with Double S 301’s heart!

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