01/22 [diary] HyunJoong, 16th Story – …………….

source : http://hyun-joong.com/bbs/view.asp?code=fromhj
Credits : (English translation) Ode @ ss501ode.blogspot.com

Happy new year^^
I’m heading for Japan now……………………….^^ I’ll eat alot of a ramyeon called Kyudong in Japan and return back kk
Excited.. (and oh) the airline meals too…….kkkk
I went to sleep early yesternight after eating (at Jaksal) and woke up like at 6.32am this morning ¤Ñ¤Ñ;;
‘coz had nothing to do … (so I’m up here writing) and also finished packing all luggages ..kk, and also finished showering…
Since it’s New Year, please don’t come to the airport and just rest ya kk
I’ll understand if you don’t come to the airport today
I’ll be on a cold mode today at the airport, so if you come to take pictures and all that, I’ll pretend to not know you and ignore you.. So if you come, don’t regret na
^^Enjoyed yesterday?????????
I enjoyed too kk
Our staff also said they enjoyed alot kk
Anyway in this new year, may everyone stay healthy and worry-free
Hoping for only smile-worthy matters for all
Today’s main point is,
“Happy New Year”………kk and.. “Please don’t come to the airport but rest instead”… kk

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