08/16 [trans] Kim KyuJong Official Fan Club Application Q&A

Credits : Kyu-Jong.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Hello, I am the person-in-charge.
Prior to the release of Official Fan Club Application Guidelines on 19-Aug,
I will update constantly the Q&A regarding the official fan club application.

Q. Can foreigners join the fan club?
A. Yes you can.
But, only for people who lives in Korea or those who have a valid address where our local post is able to send to.
(Not able to send overseas due to problems arising from lost mails.)

Q. How much exactly is the membership fee?
A. Initial joining fee of 3,000 won / membership fee of 10,000 won / postage fee of 2,000 won
Total fee of 15,000 won is payable.
For cases of extension of memberships, during the membership extension period, you only have to pay the membership fee and postage fee.
After the membership extension period, you are required to re-join.
(Please refer to the terms and conditions in the membership application guideline to be released on 19th)

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