08/11 [trans] Exclusive interview with Kim Hyun Joong by Kenh14.vn

Credit: kenh14.vn
English translation: Hippoluvkhj@TripleSVN.com
Please repost with full credits! Thanks!


With an open-hearted and his friendliness, in a small conversation at Hyun Joong’s own room, but Kim Hyun Joong seems like he doesn’t want to show his beautiful smile much.

Q: How do you feel when you saw the love of the fans waiting at the airport and the hotel last night?
HJ: I was really surprised and happy, it has overcome my thought about the loves of Vietnamese fans before. But it also the reason that makes me worried for their safety.

Q: There are some comments said that you are “economizing” your smile a bit when you come here!
HJ: Firstly, it because of the late flight, and the other side is because I was worried for the fans’s safety. Hope that in the next activities here in Vietnam, especially in the fanmeeting, I could have more chances to meet all of the fans.

Q: Recently, your song “Please” get banned by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, do you want to share something about this?
HJ:I think this song is suitable for adult audience, so I think you could listen to it.

Q:After overcame the Asia music industry, do you plan to attend the world’s music industry?
HJ: Now, I’m having activities in Asia and of course I really want to develop all around the world. I have a plan in next year…

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