08/06 [info] KyuJong – Musical ‘Goong’ In Seoul Tickets Begin Its Sales on 16th of August!

Source: Ticket 11st
English translation: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ ¶«·½5AS1)
Please leave the credits remain intact when repost. TQ!

Hello. This is Ticket 11st.
This is an 1-time ticket open guide for musical ‘Goong’.

Ticket opening date: 16th of August, 2pm KST
Duration: 16th of August ~ 25th of August

Musical Overview
Duration: 16th of September (Fri) ~ 22nd of October (Sat)
Venue: National Museum of Korea (Theater Yong)
Performance day: Tuesday – Friday @ 8pm/ Saturday @ 3pm, 7pm/ Sunday @ 3pm
Ticket price: VIP Seats @ 80,000KRW/ R Seats @ 60,000KRW/ S Seats @ 40,000KRW
Time length of performance: 120 minutes (includes 15minutes intermission)
Age restriction: Age 7 above are allowed.
Casts: Kim Kyu Jong, Kwak Sunyeong, Jung Donghwa, Jang Woosoo, Choi Yeseul, Jang Yoojun and etc.

Received hot positive feedbacks! Broke the box office records continuously!
The musical creation of the new Hanryu wave that struck Japan! Musical Goong!

Super Spectacle! A spectacular stage that soothes the eye and ear, the peak of a scene
Amazing Story! A true story creation of the world’s most impressive creation
Beautiful Korea! See the beauty of Korea through the musical, relights the Hanryu wave!

Production of: © Creative Leaders Group Eight
Organizers: National Museum Group.

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