08/01 [diary] KyuJong, “2007.08.01 Kokoro..”

Credits : Kyu-Jong.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Hi hi.. ^^

Now is.. 1st August evening..!!

Is everyone eating their dinner on time ! Not go skipping meals for diets right !!

Is everyone doing well? ^^

The memory of debuting in Japan with Kokoro single on 1st August 2007 came upon me suddenly..

It seems like just yesterday, time really flies isn’t it ?!^^

With unfamiliar Japanese language, we recorded our songs and practiced choreography, we were frustrated as we don’t speak the same language.. heehee

Now, everyone is fluent and good in Japanese ^^ Really praiseworthy heehee

At that time, we had to trouble our translator with fan letters in Japanese given by fans~ Now we are able to read!!

Yoohoo!! ^^ heehee The fan letters given by fans were a great help in studying Japanese~~

Album went on sale and when all our members saw our name on the chart in the first week, we screamed and was happy..^^ heehee

I still remember it now !! The expressions of our members with their eyes wide in shock..^^!!

And for the next single, we heard the ranking via phone and YoungSaeng hyung and I were overjoyed in the train and

The other members were overjoyed in the dorm and recording studio, and we screamed over the phone !!

Hurray hurray !! Like this !!~~

Thank you for giving us loud laughs and happiness and joy at that time~~

Triple S hurray..^^

It is raining a lot these days, and there were a lot of damages.. I am worried if everyone is fine..

I heard it is also raining a lot in Japan.. I wonder if everyone is fine .. ^^!!

Hmm hmm !! After the rain always comes the warm and bright sunlight!!

Let뭩 not frown and cheer up everyone ~~ he ~

Pretties!! August has started!!

Aja Aja!! The August that our HyeongJin likes, somehow feels like it will be filled with good things~

Now slowly?^ I must get started..!! Yoohoo~~

Today’s good advice!!

He that can have patience can have what he will..
-Benjamin Franklin-

Another version by eeyorepink

Hello Hello..^^
1st August evening..!!
All of you had dinner right? Did not skip meals due to dieting right??
All are doing well right? ^^
Suddenly thought of our Japanese single Kokoro single debut in August 2007..
Seems like just a few days ago. Time really flies right?!^^
The time when we were recording and doing our dance arrangement using our unskilful Japanese, was really restricting…ㅎㅎ
Now that we are all fluent in Japanese^^ Really commendable. ㅎㅎ
During that time we had to ask our translator to translate our letter written in Japanese ~ Now we can read it ourselves!!
Yuuhooo!! ^^ㅎㅎLetters given by fans helped greatly in studying Japanese ~~
During the first week of our album sales, when we (members) saw our names, we screamed due to happiness..^^ ㅎㅎ
Can still remember!! The surprised, wide opened eyes expression of our members..^^!!
And hearing the single’s ranking through the phone, YS and I were elated in the subway. Members who were either in hostel or at the recording studio screamed with happiness through the phone!!
Long Live Long Live!! (Mansae Mansae!!) In this way!!~~
Thank you for the wide smile, happiness ~~
Triple S Long Long live (Man Mansae)..^^
Much damage had been made due to the heavy rain. Been worried about everyone’s safety.
It has been raining in Japan too. Everyone is doing well right..^^!!
Erm Erm!! Sunshine after the rain!!
Let’s not frown but fighting~~ hee~
Pretties!! August is here!!
Aja Aja!! Hyeongjin hyung’s favourite August, because it is full of good things~
Now gradually..^^ Seems like it is going to start..!! yuuhooo~~
Today’s good advice!!

“He that can have patience can have what he will.” (he should be referring to this quote)
-Benjamin Franklin-

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