07/28 [news] Jung Min: The secret of wearing jeans fashionably

Source: bntnews
Chinese translation: ÇÇ¿À³ª @ PJM IFC (http://www.park-jung-min.com)
English translation: ss501chapter.wordpress.com
Only Jungmin’s portion is translated.
Please repot with full credits.

Despite the rapid change in the fashion trend, one will still find that jeans is a product which everyone always loves.

Jeans is loved by men and women despite their ages, it is a necessary item for one since they are easy to match because of its colour, material and design. Although jeans is something popular which anyone would wear, to those who actually understood the real meaning of fashion will not wear it mundanely and monotonously.

Now, Park Jung Min from SS501, who made a solo comeback and is currently starring in drama and other activities, has shared with us some tips to match a denim jeans in a fashionable way.

A real fashionista will pursue the combination of blue!

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