07/25 [trans] JungMin starring in ‘Love song in August’ – Exclusive report and interview from asian HANA

Source: asian-hana.com
Chinese translation: Yukiko @ PJMIFC (www.park-jung-min.com)
English translation: ss501chapter.wordpress.com
Please repost with full credits.

Miki Sakai who became famous by starring in ‘白線流し’ and Korean popular group SS501 member, Park Jung Min who is involved in solo activities now will be co-starring in LISMO DRAMA latest production ‘Love Song in August’. AsianHANA visited Park Jung Min’s drama filming site in Tokyo, and chatted some topics about the drama.


Despite that he is tired as he had to start filming early in the morning, Jung Min came in with a bright smile and greeted ‘Good morning’. He said “Because I woke up at 6am, I am still a little sleepy now. But I already had some onigiri (rice ball)!” We began today’s interview as we chat.

Q) How does it feel like when you film with Sakai san?
The process of shooting (the drama) is very happy. Although we started filming with a kissing scene from the beginning at the aquarium, she is a gentle person whom will joke together with me, thus we became good friends. Sakai san’s acting is very natural which also brings a little calmness, I have learned a lot (from her).

Q) In this drama, you are thinking of escaping the reality with the female lead (T/N: Like eloping), what about Jung Min’s actual situation?
Till they know that they love each other, it will already be too passive. Fearing of accidents and timid heart makes me lose confidence. However, taking a girl directly out for a date is very refreshing.


Q) ‘I want to fall in love with this person’, your decision lies in?
I like people with is humorous and is able to laugh with me. If you can understand and give your attention to my job, it will be even better.

Q) What is the image of your role in this drama?
I think my role (celebrity) is much more arrogant than my usual self, so I just acted like the way it is.

Q) What kind of role would you like to challenge in the future?
I want to try to act as a warrior or killer which doesn’t require much talking, but just by using my eyes (expression) to act.


Q) Is there any difference with filming in Korea or Japan?
The pace of filming in Korea is fast, while it’s slightly slower in Japan, but the end product (film) is very beautiful. As for this drama, the most beautiful scene will be at the aquarium. I went there before when I had a long stay in Japan in the past, I really miss it

Q) The plot of the drama revolves around a celebrity that wants to escape (from the entertainment industry), but has this thought ever occurred to Jung Min?
Nope. Although I will be busy sometimes, I will still try my best. Whenever my family members or fans said ‘fighting’ to me when we met, it gave me the motivation to continue to strive on.


Q) Will you look at the aspect (highlight) of the drama in Japan and in Korea?
As it is a role I have never acted before, please anticipate on Jung Min’s energetic acting.

This summer, Jung Min’s mother made some ginseng chicken soup for him and his staff members to restore their health, no wonder he is always full of energy, all the attention are unable to leave away from him.


[Story synopsis]

After the 5th year of marriage, 34 years old Asuka Yamada now works in the management team in a recording company.She led an ordinary life, not until the appearance of a high popularity Hallyu artist Park Jung Min. And she escapes from the recording studio with Jung Min when her life is gradually ebbing. Because of some unexpected event, they want to escape from the reality.


“I don’t know what I like. But, I will not give you to anyone”

Asuka Yamada felt baffled by Jung Min’s sharp sight and sweet talking, but ‘Wants to fall in love with another person’ emerged deep from her heart. However, there’s a deep meaning of ‘targeted/purpose’ behind Jung Min’s words.


■ LISMO Drama! 《Love song in August》 will start to air from 5th August to 26th August, every Friday with a total of 4 episodes.
Title: LISMO Drama! 《Love song in August》
Cast: Sakai Miki, Park Jung Min, 土屋裕一, 朝倉あき, 村杉蝉之介, etc
Theme song: 「君色」Park Jung Min (Lyrics/sang by Park Jung Min)
Production team: STUDIO SWAN(C&I)『パラダイス・キス』『MW-ムウ-』『ただ、君を愛してる』


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