07/25 [trans] Hyung Jun’s Interview with PIA Hallyu Japan

Summary by Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)

1st Qn: His first solo mini album (My Girl) was released in March in South Korea, April in Japan, so how does it feel to work as a solo artist compared to being a member of SS501 (I think most of you already read this question and his answer somewhere else already!)

2nd Qn: (Not too sure) Saying that members all are going solo and now K-Pop is very popular every where, and it seems that this wave started out from SS501 (He answered Really? And think that it is good and he will continue to work hard)

3rd Qn: Reaction of fans after he released his album (My Girl) in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka in Japan (He said that fans seem to like it and told him so, so he’s happy)

4th Qn: Tell us something memorable about his tour in Japan. (He answered that he was there to work and no time to play but he do missed Nagoya Chicken Wings. He love them.

5th Qn: During SS501 promotion period in Japan, he lived in Japan for a while. Where is the place he wish to visit again? (He answered he wished to visit Odaiba where their hostel used to be near the Rainbow Bridge. It’s been a long time since he was last there)

6th Qn: In July his first Japanese single album – (Long Night) would be released in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. A summer tour has also been scheduled, so for this tour, what can we expect to see from him? (He answered he would try to make this hot summer an unforgettable one for everyone and hope everyone also like it. He has been practising hard and will do so until his body crash)

7th Qn: Lastly, tell us your future goals as a solo artiste (He answered that he hopes to be recognised as an artiste and for his music. Not only doing music, he also wish to go into acting. He wished to do well on the Oricon Chart. Although it may be difficult, but he still hope to have a big concert at the end of the year. Yes! I want to do so many things! Just think that with a little more effort, the dream might just come true. On 27th July, Long Night would be released. Please look forward to it)

This magazine would be put on sale starting from 22nd July 2011.

Source: http://t.pia.jp/interview/music/kimhyungjun.jsp

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