07/18 [trans] Kim KyuJong, Musical Goong in Japan Behind Cuts

Credits : http://www.hankooki.com/?url=music/201107/sp2011071806001995510.htm&cd=2203&ver=v002 + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

[Exclusive] Kim KyuJong, Musical Goong in Japan Behind Cuts

“It’s the first time for such an image”

Kim KyuJong from SS501, stood on the stages in Japan as Lee Shin, the main lead for musical . which ended recently, was performed in Minamiza Theatre in Kyoto, Japan, and despite the bad weather, the musical was filled with local fans.

Japanese fans were surprised by the different image of Kim KyuJong when he wore the prince’s attire and were surprised again by his acting as a cold and indifferent person. This is because they know of Kim KyuJong’s usual kind and friendly character.

They are in discussion for additional performances as there are spread of words on his natural acting and extraordinary transformation. SportsHankook will reveal the behind cuts of Kim KyuJong who transformed into ‘Wang Ssagaji’ Lee Shin.
*Wang Ssagaji = Ssagaji means like a really rude person or bastard, and the ‘wang’ put in front means ‘the most’, it’s difficult to put this into a sentence, so I just left it as the romanisation.

# What a surprise!
Kim KyuJong who was preparing for the performance, was surprised when he looked at the fans who gathered outside the performance venue. He looked at the fans who gathered from all parts of Japan and promised to himself to show an even better image on the stage.

# What are you saying?
Kim KyuJong was chatting with the other lead actors/actresses in this musical prior to the press conference. They become close with each other as they practiced together for a long time, so close so as to playing pranks with each other.

# Prince’s bed scene
Kim KyuJong and Kwak SunYoung lying side by side on a bed. Even though this is a bed scene, it is not a great feeling but strange atmosphere surrounding the two as they have selected this political marriage.

# I am none other than the Prince!
Kim KyuJong came upon the stage wearing the traditional costume. You can feel the prince’s majestic presence with his serious expression.

# Prince’s cutesy act
At the final stage of the musical, Kim KyuJong came to the stage with the rest of the performers and made a surprise performance. With a bright smile and making a V with his fingers, you are unable to find the ‘Wang Ssagaji’ Lee Shin’s image which we just saw, on him.

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