07/18 [news] Sakai Miki, starring with a younger Hallyu Star ‘heartbeat increases’

Source: eiga.com
Chinese translation: Yukiko @ PJMIFC (park-jung-min.com)
English translation: ss501chapter.wordpress.com


LISMO drama ‘Love Song in August’ held a press conference at Tokyo International Forum on 18th July, 3000 fans were present, lead actress Sakai Miki and Hallyu Star Park Jung Min, executive producer Kentaro Otani also attended the press conference as well.

The synopsis of this drama is about an ordinary office lady whom already steps into her 5th year of marriage meeting with a Korean star. Even though they belong to 2 different worlds, they are still fated to love each other. Jung Min, the member of SS501 whom their popularity are able to compete with TVXQ’s popularity, had completed his solo comeback this year and this will be his first appearance in a Japanese drama.

Using a high popularity Kpop Top Star as a plot, he jokingly said “It’s difficult to bring out character like Park Jung Min (laugh)” On the other hand, Sakai Miki’s role is a Japanese woman who fell in love with Jung Min. She forced a smile and expressed “It’s a little frightening (with fans watching), and I’m a little worried.” Park Jung Min then spoke about her attractive charm “When we were filming together, I know what to do so as to capture the heart of this kind of woman, I felt that it was interesting and carried a “Will there be any part which I mind” idea and completed the filming.”

Park Jung Min also said “When I first read the script, I kept thinking “Is it possible?”, but as I was filming, I would think that “Yes, it is possible”. Then the fans under the stage gave an ‘Eiii~’ sound, which Jung Min also response with a forced smile “Cannot? Cannot do it?”

Sakai Miki whom is married also used “Even if I can’t, I also…” as the prefix for the next topic, “I felt nervous when I have to act with Jung Min, I always have to maintain a feeling of falling in love.” On the other hand Jung Min expressed as if he was confessing “I personally don’t mind dating with people older than me (laughs)” and sparklingly said “Love has nothing to do with age! As long as there is love, we’ll be able to live.” His words earn him applause from the audience.

‘Love Song in August’ is scheduled to air from 5th August, every Friday with a total of 4 episodes.

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