07/18 [news] Hyung Jun talks about his birthday wishes and upcoming album

News Source: Ming Bao
English Translation: ONLY JUN (kimhyungjun.net)

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Kim Hyung Jun came to Hong Kong to promote as a solo singer for the first time, attracting 800 fans to the venue, a show of popularity for his album release

Kim Hyung Jun showed an excited face upon seeing the robots exhibited at the mall. This is because his childhood dream was to become a scientist

800 fans Wished Him Happy Birthday in Korean
Korean Boy Group SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun held his fan sign at Tai Po Mega Mall last night, and also took the opportunity to launch the Robot Exhibition held at the mall, attracting 800 fans, livening up the whole place. Since it is Kim Hyung Jun’s 24th Birthday on the 3rd next month, Hong Kong fans took the initiative to shout birthday greetings to him in Korean, causing him to be filled with smiles. When asked about his ideal type, he expressed with good race, “cute character, romantic yet faithful, hoping to be able to capture everyone’s heart”, it is no wonder that female fans present were all hit with a giddy spell.

In the past Kim Hyung Jun came to Hong Kong under the status of a member of SS501, but it was his first time to promote as a solo artiste, hence large number of local fans arrived at the mall to queue few hours earlier in order to have close contact with their Idol. Before the commencement of the fansign, he help in gracing the open ceremony of the Robot Exhibition, and also smilingly expressed that he thought of becoming a scientist when he was young, therefore he was very excited to see the 15-foot tall robot at the mall.

Ideal Female is BoA
When asked about his birthday wishes, Kim Hyung Jun said that he wishes to play bungee jump, as well as to receive birthday gifts from fans. As for work, other than planning to release another album in October, he wishes to be able to act in a Korean drama or a Japanese drama, even if may be a period drama. His ideal girl, BoA, is currently in USA filming musical, so does he also have the ambition to enter Hollywood?

The approachable Kim Hyung Jun signed autograph one by one for the 800 fans present, waving his hands to greet from time to time. Last night, he also held his fan meeting at the International Exhibition Center in Kowloon Bay. After completing his promotion activities in Hong Kong, Kim Hyung Jun would be flying to Taiwan this coming Saturday to continue on his Asia Tour.

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