07/16 [news] Kim Hyung Jun arrived in HK with a friendly attitude, fans chased cars despite the dangers

News: Sohu
English Translation: ONLY JUN (kimhyungjun.net)

Repost with full credits

Kim Hyung Jun was full of smiles when he arrived in Hong Kong, delighting fans.

Kim Hyung Jun was surrounded by half a hundred fans, fortunately he wasn’t shocked

According to the Hong Kong press, Korean popular boygroup member SS501 arrived in Hong Kong yesterday, attracting more than half a hundred fans to welcome him at the airport, causing the scene to be chaotic, and some fans even ignored all dangers to chase after his car. Kim Hyung Jun was friendly throughout, he was greeting fans and his hands were full of gifts.

Nearly half a hundred fans welcomed him
Kim Hyung Jun arrived Hong Kong in the afternoon in order to attend the fansign yesterday evening as well as tonight’s fan meeting. Recently SS501 members are all actively developing themselves, after former member Park Jung Min’s arrival in Hong Kong, this time round is Kim Hyung Jun who comes to Hong Kong to meet his fans. Yesterday fans were already waiting early at the airport, as soon as Kim Hyung Jun stepped out of the immigration gates, fans immediately shouted his name; originally the organisers wanted to present flowers to him, but Kim Hyung Jun stepped out much faster to approach his fans to greet them, and only received the flowers later, thus delighting his fans immensely

Heavily surrounded while receiving gifts
Kim Hyung Jun was always heavily surrounded by fans, while he was on the escalator, there are fans on his side to present him gifts. After he boarded the car, there was even a crazy fan who threw herself to the glass windows and chase after the car, even the security guards were not able to stop her. This fan continued to chase after the car in order to see her idol one more time.

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