07/14 [news] Kim HyunJoong, Swept The Charts Across 5 Countries in Asia For The 1st Place!

Source: Nate
English translation by: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ ¶«·½5AS1)
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The popularity of the solo singer Kim HyunJoong is spreading across all Asia.

Kim HyunJoong have released his first solo mini album ‘Break Down’ in June. Within 2 weeks of the album released, 100,000 copies of the album have been cleared out. His title track in the album, Break Down, have dominated various music charts for the 1st place alongside with other songs in the album like ‘Please’ & ‘Kiss Kiss’.

The popularity of ‘Break Down’ have also swept across to other parts of Asia. Last week, Break Down was also placed 1st in various overseas music charts, shows and sites like Japan Oricon Chart (The highest number of album sales), Taiwan (5 Music & G-Music), Phillipines (ASTRO), Thailand (Channel V), HongKong (KKBox) and etc.

The representative of the music industry said, ‘Despite the album promotion is yet to be fully released in overseas, he have already made such high recognition. We hope that Kim HyunJoong, as the Hanryu star, will continue to launch his activities across Asia.’

‘Kim HyunJoong’s Wave’ is also planned to continue for some time in Korea. After showing his strong charisma in ‘Break Down’ performance, Kim HyunJoong will now proceed his album promotion with the light pop dance performance in ‘Kiss Kiss’, where he’ll be showing his romantic side. The first stage performance for ‘Kiss Kiss’ falls on 14th of July through the cable channel Mnet ‘M!Countdown’.

Additionally, after concluding his ‘Kiss Kiss’ promotion, Kim HyunJoong will begin his overseas promotion starting from August.

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