07/12 [trans] YoungSaeng – COLOR Magazine – Jul 2011

Credits : Scans by annieyang + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com



Heo YoungSaeng
Yearnings~ that cannot be suppressed!

Everyone must have been missing Heo YoungSaeng! He returned to the scene recently, and released his very first mini album ‘Let It Go’ as a solo singer, not only has he changed his image, he also sang songs which are of different genre from the past, bringing a whole new image to his fans. Our reporter in Korea, Michelle, had a private interview with him, giving everyone the most updated news about Heo YoungSaeng.

Q1. How do you feel after starting your activities as a solo singer? What are the differences as compared to when you have group activities as SS501?
A : In the beginning, I was very happy to see my own name ‘Heo YoungSaeng’ being printed on the album. However, since I’m not having activities with 5 members like during SS501 times, I have to handle everything on my own, naturally I have to undertake all the stress, so it is more tiring as compared to before, I feel like I am walking with difficulties alone.


Q2. Please introduce your album to Taiwan fans, and tell us which is your favorite song?
A : Overall, this album gives off the feeling of ‘Transformation of image’, I hope to give fans a whole new Heo YoungSaeng. Personally, I like ‘Out The Club’ from this album, because I like the title of this song very much, it is also the song that I like to sing.

Q3. If you have a chance, do you wish to have a concert in Taiwan? If you are here on holliday, where would you like to go most? What would you like to eat most?
A : If I had a chance, I hope that I can have a concert in Taiwan, I really hope so! I sang mostly ballad songs during the concert in Taiwan last time. As compared to the other members of SS501 who sing more lively and energetic songs, I usually sing ballad songs, which seems like it is not being favored by fans as much. Next time when I go to Taiwan for concert, I will sing more energetic and rock songs, so I hope I can intergrate into the audience and play together with them. As to what I want to eat? I remember when I went to Taiwan as SS501, I ate steamed dimsum, drank bubble tea. If I go Taiwan again, I hope to eat more local delicacies, I am curious why Taiwan’s food culture is so rich? Because when I ate Chinese food in America, I feel that their cooking method is different, seems like the food in Taiwan are more delicious. I hope to go to Taiwan to find out the answer. If time permits, I want to find a place to relax, to take a good rest, eat some delicious food, and buy some things that I like.


Q4. Have you thought about acting in movies or dramas? What type of movie/drama and what roles do you want to act in?
A : I really want to act as the Hallyu star in drama ‘Secret Garden’, ‘Mischievous Kiss’ is also very interesting, it would have felt good to act in such interesting dramas. I also want to try to interesting roles like Nishikado or Domyozi in ‘Hana Yori Dango’. If I have a chance, I wish to act in Taiwanese dramas too.

Q5. Debuting as a solo singer this time, you must have been very stressed? How do you overcome these stresses?
A : Haha! I overcome stresses by eating spicy food, because I will perspire a lot after eating these spicy food, so the heat from the body will also be eliminated and have more vitality, thus having a feeling of overcoming the stresses. Or I will go KTV with my friends, emerged in the atmosphere there, be it singing ballad , hitting high notes, singing lively songs or rock songs, the feeling of being around with friends is very good, this is also a good way to overcome the stresses.

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