07/13 [trans] The Musical – July issue (KyuJong Musical Diary)

Magazine translation July issue. Kim Kyu Jong’s Musical diary.
Chinese translation by : redcat111 (http://www.kimkyujong.com.cn)
English translation by: reena29shadow@twitter

Please re-post with full credits.

8 June (Wednesday)

Kyu Jong: Today is the day we set off to Japan. Is the day I start on my first musical challenge in Japan. Other than that, it’s also the 6th year anniversary of our debut as SS501 members. Today is such a meaningful day for me. Arriving at Kyoto via Osaka, we head over to the theatre to check on the sound system and stage. Why am I shivering… If I were to put it into words, I’m now feeling really odd about this. This isn’t the stage that I’ve always been working on, but a brand new stage? But seeing the Minamiza theatre with my own eyes is really great! Looking at the audience from the stage, I can feel the heat in me and also feels fortunate at the same time. The first day here, I’m already looking forward to working in Kyoto.

9 June (Thursday)

Kyu Jong: Not sure if it’s because it will be my first show soon, I’m not able to sleep well, lying and turning around on my bed for the whole night. To be honest, I still have a very long way to go. I’m also thought about being the main lead for my first attempt in musical, can I do well? Been thinking about all these. But there’s always the team & cast, who have been supporting and giving me energy. Because of them, I have got energy. When rehearsal starts, I was looking at Run-hyung’s rehearsal. Maybe because I’m only familiar with dancing and singing during rehearsal, so I’m still very new to this. Where to walk, costume, sound systems, have to check all of it one by one. After getting used to the stage, I felt more relax. How should I put it, when standing on the stage, I can feel that I’m alive. Feels very relax and fortunate. It feels really good to be able to stand on such a wonderful stage. Many people will come to watch our show tomorrow right? Yes, I’ll definitely need to prepare myself well! After rehearsal, drank nice citron tea to soothe my throat from all the rehearsal, I lied on the bed. Now my heart is also drumming, all my nerves are working towards the stage.

10 June (Friday)

Kyu Jong: Raining morning. Got waken up by the rain. 8am! Used to sleeping late and waking up late in Korea. I’m not used to waking up this early. Finally, it’s tomorrow. Looks like it’s still not time yet, but yet tomorrow is already our first show. So, for our last rehearsal! For the last round of check, every staff and cast members gathered on the stage. Starting our final rehearsal feeling really nervous! For everyone, for ourselves, for the show, I will work hard. Because it’s a stage like this, so I felt that I have to work even harder. Tomorrow, our Goong! Goong Goong Fighting! Fight Goong! Must have a good dream tonight!

11 June (Saturday)

Kyu Jong: Open my eyes, thinking. Thankful, thank you. Really thankful to be able to welcome such an important day. First stage! Was so nervous that I don’t even feel hungry for not eating anything. After makeup, hair styling, putting on the costume, this finally felt real. At the backstage, team congratulated the few of us on our musical debut, shouting “Goong Fighting!” together. Knowing that all the audience have already been seated 5 minutes before the show starts, my heard starts drumming again. “So, I’m Prince Lee Shin. The Prince Lee Shin that no one will be able to do anything to me.” With this determination, I got ready to go on stage. Finally, the bell rang, show starts. Musical debut stage! The moment when I stand on the stage with lights and audience cheers shining on to me, how will it feel like. So, I’m not Kim Kyu Jong, but I stood on stage as Prince Lee Shin, and completed my first 2 hours and 30 minutes debut show. During ending, everyone sang together. Really, I just teared. This is an unforgettable debut performance.

Thankful, thank you. Audience who flood the theatre to watch our performance, also people who help make this wonderful show, and many who have worked hard for us, I’m sorry that other than Thank You, I don’t know what else to say, I will do my best till my last stage.

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