07/07 [trans] Kim KyuJong recruitment for fan staff

FR http://www.kyu-jong.com
korean – chinese translation redcat111 / http://www.kimkyujong.com.cn
chinese – english translation slimz1808

Hi, this is B2M entertainment.

Recruiting for fan staff who will accompany Kim Kyu Jong-xi for his activities.
Looking for one who can serve KKJ and fans wholeheartedly.
Interested parties please refer to below details

1) Recruitment period F2011.07.06`2011.07.17 PM12:00
2) Recruitment regions and number of headcount
– Seoul and around Seoul = 3 pax
– Gangwon Province/ Chungcheongjiyeok / Cholla Region = 2pax each region
3) Recruitment details
– Male/female born in or after 1992 (19 years) and is member of the official website
– Love for fans is as much as love for Kyu, willing to serve fans
– Not an existing Fan Staff of other artistes’ FC
– For Fan Staff around Seoul, we are looking for one who can participate om at least 90% of Kyu’s schedule. For Fan Staff of other regions, partcipation in schedules will be determined based on address.
– Looking for one whose personal studies and job will not be affected by the participation in Fan Staff activities.
4) Application method : Download and fill in the attached form, send it back via email
– b2mfan@gmail.com
– email subject titled as : [Kim Kyu Jong Fan Staff application]Region-Name of applicant (e.g. [Kim Kyu Jong Fan Staff applicant]Seoul-Kim Kyu Jong)
– application form titled as : Region-Name of applicant
– application period : 2011.07.06`2011.07.17 PM12:00 ionlt accept applications which are received by July 17thj
– recruitment process as follows :
a) Step one : review of application form
b) Step two : face-to-face interview (Seoul), telephone interview (outside regions)
c) Step three : participate in Fan Staff activities

5) Other details
– Application forms are solely accepted via email
– Application forms without applicant’s photo is invalid
– Applicants to leave accurate notification contact details to facilitate notification from us
– Intentionally doctored forms will be considered as invalid and will be barred from participating in other activities
– Successful applicants who is found to be misbehaving in his/her capacity as Fan Staff may be removed from the post and barred from participating in other future activities.

** Please do not alter details in this official notice

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