07/07 [news] Kim HyunJoong, ‘Lady Gaga – Beyonce Step Aside’ Oricon Chart Import Album No.1

Credits : http://www.eto.co.kr/news/outview.asp?Code…23613&ts=104152 + (English Translation) kelemama + xiaochu @ Quainte501.com



Singer Kim Hyun Joong’s first mini album ‘Break Down’ has also became a hot topic in Japan.

The album which was released on 8th of last month, was placed No.1 under “Imported Album Sales” in Oricon Chart.

Despite that the album is not officially released in Japan, it is exceptional that the album on sale within Korea receives gets such a huge popularity in Japan. Especially when international stars Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” and Beyonce’s “4” are actually lined behind Kim Hyun Joong as No.2 and No.3 respectively, attracting even more attention.

Japan music-related personnel explained “Like DBSK, Kim Hyun Joong who is very popular in Japan, also created heated attention when news of his first mini album went on sale in Korea. In Japan, many fans are also waiting anxiously for the official release of the album.”

He added, “Because of the filming of [Boys Over Flowers], [Naughty Kiss], Kim Hyun Joong became the center of Hallyu, if he is to release a full-length album, he will receive even higher popularity.”

Kim Hyun Joong got the 1st place in ‘Imported Album Sales’ chart on Oricon Chart, which is the most well-known music chart in Japan, just like Billboard Chart in USA, it is a chart that counts the album sales.

With title song “Break Down” gaining number 1 position in various music programs, Kim Hyun Joong who is creating “Kim Hyun Joong Syndrome”, will be ending his activities in Korea by end July. Thereafter he is preparing to meet with his overseas fans through an Asia Tour starting in Japan from August.

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