07/07 [news] Kim Hyun Joong, known as a “Perfect Guy,” turns out to be a guy with lots of vulnerable points

Credits : Osen + Translated by Geum Jae @ Korea.com

On SBS’s E!TV variety show Star Q10, Kim Hyun Joong was invited as a guest, revealing his weak points by himself.

He confides that he had had an inferiority complex about the dark circles under his eyes, which even makes him consider having plastic surgery.

He also opens his heart about the hurtful rumor of SS501’s breaking up, and about the humiliating nickname he got when he was hospitalized for the H1N1 virus: “H1N1-seized Celebrity Number One.”

He was once carried to the hospital by ambulance when he passed out because of a hot jjamppong, or a Chinese-style hot noodle. What’s more, the film Jaws made him reluctant to visit the sea.

Among all the things, however, he has the worst vulnerable point he has long kept secret. The June 9 episode of Star Q10 will reveal the worst weak point of him. It will air at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday.

By Entertainment Team (osenstar@osen.co.kr)

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