07/04 [info] Kim HyunJoong, Details about HENECIA.COM Opening

Credits : hyun-joong.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Kim HyunJoong, Details about HENECIA.COM Opening

This is Henecia Management Team.

When the rainy season stops, there will be a severe heat wave.
We hope that all Henecia members can stay healthy even in the severe heat wave.

Finally we are delivering news that Henecia members have been waiting for.
http://www.henecia.com will be available for everyone on 11-July-2011.

Before its official opening, we are planning to open application for ‘regular member’ aimed at Henecia members from 4-July-2011 onwards.

Besides [Notice] , [Staff Notice], we will advise the possibility of use of the other menu after we have approved the regular members on 11-July.
Through Henecia.com, we will deliver various news about Kim HyunJoong more quickly, and we will work hard to make a portal for smooth communication together with all the fans.

We would like to remind you that Henecia.com is only available for fan club member to use for 1 year,
For more details, please check it out at http://www.henecia.com.

Thank you.

* Due to the current settings, you will not be able access the website smoothly. It should be available in about 20 minutes. We seek for your understanding.


– It is a service open to only exsisting 2011 Henecia members.
– We are not accepting any more members for 2011 Henecia membership.
– When you apply for ‘regular member’, please be fully informed of the important notes and terms of use.

Before you get to excited..
I checked the website but dont think it’s up already. :S

And in case you are STILL confused…
Henecia.com is a website, I’m sure normal fans can access..HOWEVER, because they are asking for Henecia members to register as regular members, so I guess they will LOCK UP some sections as private and accessible only by regular members.
So if you’re already a Henecia member (note, not self-proclaimed!! Henecia member means you’ve registered yourself and paid for the membership), you can apply to be a regular member in Henecia.com.
However, if you’re not a Henecia member and is deparately trying to be one, sorry, as per the notice, Keyeast is not going to open the membership anymore for the year. You’ll have to wait till the membership term (1 year from 6-Jun-11) expires before Keyeast will open to take in the membership for next year. Only then will you be able to join.
Hope it clears up some of the things.


Here’s the english version of notice posted in Henecia.com

Greetings from the staff of Henecia,

After the rainy season the heat wave will take over, and we hope all members of Henecia will be healthy and well throughout this hot weather.

Finally, we have news that members of Henecia have been waiting for.

We will introduce Henecia.com (www.henecia.com) to you on July 11th, 2011.

Before the official opening, from July 4th, we plan to process and grant members of Henecia qualifications for full membership.

Excluding the menus [NOTICE] and [STAFF NOTICE], it will be possible for you to use the menus after the July 11th qualifications for full membership has been completely confirmed.

Through ‘www.henecia.com’, we will make an effort to provide various prompt information about Kim Hyun-joong and also make it possible for fans to communicate smoothly.

Please note that ‘www.henecia.com’ will be operated by a full membership system, and is open to the fanclub members only.

Follow and refer to the full membership application procedure that is notified below and apply for the full memebership before the opening.


1. Access http://www.henecia.com

2. Click [Apply for Full Membership] on the left menu

3. Log-in by using your hyun-joong.com ID/PW

4. Full Memebership Application Form & agree to the policy terms

5. Verify basic information of hyun-joong.com,

also input accurate information of the name of the person who made the deposit, deposit bank, date deposited, etc.

** Regarding deposit information, please input the previous existing deposit information

you used when applying for the fan club membership.

** There will be no additional deposit for the Full Membership application.

6. Verify completion of acceptance

7. After the person in charge confirms the deposit, you will be approved for Full Membership

Thank you.


-This service is only provided to 2011 Henecia members, only members that have completed the membership application will be granted Full Membership status.

-There will be no additional advertise for 2011 Henecia.

-When applying for the Full Membership, please be fully aware of the matters that require attention and the policy terms.

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