07/03 [news] Sakai Miki, Park Jung Min co-star in mobile drama “8 Gatsu no Love Song”

Credits : tokyograph


Actress Sakai Miki (33) will soon star in her first drama since she became a mother in March of last year. The show is a mobile drama titled “8 Gatsu no Love Song,” which will begin distribution through au’s LISMO service on August 5. Sakai’s co-star is Park Jung Min (24) of the Korean boy band SS501.

“8 Gatsu no Love Song” is about a Korean pop star and a Japanese housewife, who have a dangerous one-night romance. This is the first time that Sakai has played a role involving a relationship with a younger man. She commented that in the scene where Park Jung Min confesses his love and holds her hand, she was so nervous that her hands were sweating.

Sakai also just released her first essay today, titled “Sakai Miki no Baai – Shiawase Mikipedia.”

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