06/30 [news] Kim HyungJun, “Dear YongHa Hyung, I will never forget you in my lifetime”

Source: newsen
Translation: Wonderrrgirl


SS501 Kim Hyung Jun expressed how he missed the late Park Yong Ha on the first year anniversary of his death.

On the morning of 30th June, Kim Hyung Jun left a tweet on his twitter, “Today is the 1st year death anniversary of Yong Ha Hyung, who doted on me and had always been there for me. Even though he cannot be with us now, he is in my heart and I believe he is in many other people’s hearts as well.”

“I love you. Please be happy and watch over me in heaven. I will never forget you in my whole lifetime” expressing his heartfelt regret and pain over the deceased (Park Yong Ha).

Kim Hyung Jun received the news of Park Yong Ha’s death by sucide last year on the 30th of June, and broke down in tears halfway through his radio program. With Park Yong Ha whom he always had a close friendship with, the news of his death at age 33 has been a considerably huge impact.

Meanwhile, Park Yong Ha who passed away on the 30th of June last year, about 1,500 Japanese fans attended the service at 9am today at the City of Paju in Gyeonggi-do. After the service today at the shrine in Gyeonggi-do Yakcheonsa, the memorial proceeded to where his ashes were buried at Budang Memorial Park.

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