06/29 [trans] Additional Info for HyungJun’s 24th Birthday Party

Credits : hyungjun.co.kr + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


*their first announcement was posted on 22-Jun


This is S-Plus Entertainment.

Celebrating Kim HyungJun’s 24th birthday on 3-Aug, we have arranged a meaningful time to spend with fans.

Date : 3-Aug-2011, 6.30pm

Venue : Yonsei University 100th Year Memorial Concert Hall

Ticket Price : 35,000 won

Program :
* Mini concert consisting of Kim HyungJun’s solo
* Kim HyungJun’s 24th Birthday Party
* Big Release of Behind The Scene Video which was well-hidden till date!
* HyungJun’s personal collection giveaway event
* High-Touch for everyone (After the event ends)

Ticketing will be opened on 30-Jun at 5pm. (No pre-sale prior to this)

We would like to apologise for the late notice.

Ticketing site : http://musicalcafein.com/indexa.php?code=irish&subp=0301

We hope for lots of fans’ participation and attention.

Thank you.

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