06/29 [diary] KyuJong, ‘let me be the one !!! ^^’

Credits : kyu-jong.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Hello hello~~ It has been a long time!!

I am, I am KyuJong who finished and returned from musical Goong in Minamiza Theatre, Kyoto, Japan!!! Heehee

Yoohoo!! Because of everyone who gave a lot of support, I completed it nicely and returned~

To the many fans who came to watch the musical and many of you who gave me supporting messages..

I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart..^^

Hmm hmm!! Today is a rainy day~~

What is everyone doing on a rainy day?!~

For me, I was sleeping late which I haven’t done for a long time, rubbing my eyes and woke up, doing this and that and making up my room,

And sat in front of my computer like this!!~~

I am curious if everyone is doing well^^ I miss you too… I must get down to preparation in order to meet with pretties soon!!

Hmm hmm!! Now that I am back in Korea!! I will be preparing in order to take the wonderful step in the future^^

And so pretties too, do your best and work hard everyday till we meet again, when we meet~~

Let’s have great fun!! You understand?^^

Hehe~~ hmm hmm!! Somehow I feel (heart) fluttering yet nervous?~!! So exciting~~~

Time flies really fast isn’t it?! July is coming very soon..!!

Hmm there is such a saying!!!

You will delay but time will not. –Benjamin Franklin-

^^!! Time is money and like the money, we should spend each and every day, every minute every second with a smile~~

Rather than not doing anything ^^ Watch TV and laugh, read book and laugh, talk on phone with a friend and laugh!!

I think it is like really the best in times when you’re laughing, isn’t it>!?^^

Aja ajaaaa~~ Everyone, fighting today too with a smile!!^^

I will start my day today too for the other beginning that I am facing!!~~

For the sake of smiling together!! For that day~~ Goooooo~~~~~~~~


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