06/28 [trans] Haru*Hana Vol. 005 – 20 Questions for Jung Min

Scanned by: ameblo.jp/ss501jungmin
Chinese translation: cath @ No. 43 Park (www.parkjungmin.com.cn)
English translation: rainaftershine @ RPJM (royalpjm.wordpress.com)

During your Korea fan-meeting and showcase, SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun (maknae) had specially went to be the special guest. Everyone knows that the relationship between both of you are really good.

JM: Hyung Jun ah, although he is younger than me, he is not my little brother, but as a friend. Does everyone think that I am always the one who bully Hyung Jun? Actually that’s another type of our skin-ship. On the other hand, I am also always being bullied by Hyung Jun. (Laughs)


20 questions for Jungmin!

Q1) What food do you think its the delicious recently?
Ans: Hamburger, there is a shop which sells delicious hamburger in front of my Korea agency.

Q2) What’s the most pricey item you bought recently?
Ans: Watch, that’s the birthday present I gave myself.

Q3) What do you want most now?
Ans: Time.

Q4) What is the thing that you are most interested/passionate in now?
Ans: Interior design. I moved house recently so I am interested in designing in the house

Q5) Can you tell us what have you dream recently?
Ans: I have dream a happy dream in Hong Kong. I forgot what I have dreamt of, but i felt really blissful after i woke up.

Q6) What do you wish to do if you became an invisible person?
Ans: I will stay at home because it is dangerous. Because if I am careless and something happened, it wouldn’t be good. (Laugh)

Q7) Where will you go during your first date?
Ans: Going for lunch. I will go to my favourite western restaurant or high class restaurant to dine.

Q8) What’s the first gift you will give to your lover?
Ans: I will give couple ring as my first gift during our anniversary.

Q9) What will you do if you got dump (by girlfriend)?
Ans: Erm… Just forget it. (Laugh)

Q10) What do you like to wear when you sleep?
Ans: I like sports type of clothes, sports clothes and pants, and eye mask, I can sleep better if there is a feel of oppressive.

Q11) Are you the type who sleeps and wake up easily?
Ans: Recently, it doesn’t occur much, but I will not be late just because i want to sleep more. However, my manager does it. (Laugh)

Q12) What’s the thing you will need to do in the morning after you woke up?
Ans: Pee!

Q13) What would you like to do if today is the end of the world?
Ans: I will live like how I did normally, I will not do any changes, and will also pray with my family.

Q14) What will you do if you are drunk?
Ans: I will want to go home immediately. (Laugh)

Q15) What will you like to wish for if you are given a wish?
Ans: I want to add 10 years to my 20th century.

Q16) The action you cannot tolerate in girls is?
Ans: Girls who does not spare a thought for people around them.

Q17) If you were a girl, what will you like to do?
Ans: I will like to live normally (not being an idol). I felt really vex because i have to make up every day so I want to live as a normal person. (Laugh)

Q18) Will you date with Jung Min if you were a girl?
Ans: Of course, i am a good man.

Q19) What will you say to yourself in front of a mirror?
Ans: Fighting!

Q20) Your recent kiss is…?
Ans: With my friend’s dog. Although I love dogs, I will not treat them as my kissing partner.

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