06/28 [news] Heo Young Saeng’s “cute girl image”, handphone tuning sticker in the waiting room

Source: Star News
Translation: Wonderrrgirl


Singer Heo Young Saeng’s candid photo taken in the waiting room was revealed.

On the 28th in the morning, the photo entitled ‘Heo Young Saeng’s waiting room photo’ was published in the online community.

The words “Photo of Heo Young Saeng in the waiting room taken by chance” also came up together with the photo of Heo Young Saeng in black stage costume and his smile.

Holding his handphone in his hand, the tuning sticker of his own face at the back of the handphone has captured the attention of everyone.

Fans who have seen the photo left enthusiastic responses such as ‘Always so bright and innocent”, “Cute girl image in the waiting room”, “I want that handphone tuning (sticker)”

Meanwhile Heo Young Saeng just recently finished his goodbye stage with solo album title song ‘Let It Go’ on the 17th.

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