06/25 [diary] HyunJoong, 10th Story – ……………….

Credits : yozm + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


[10th Story] ……………….
Date : 2011.06.25
Author : Uzoosin

Becoming a great person and getting the 1st place, is really great but it will be forgotten someday
Becoming the only one is really… I am not hoping for you all to buy a lot of CDs..
Well it’s just like now… even if it is not forever… it is great to leave some memories together even if it is just for a moment keke
You know??????? Your 1st place is not me but might be just us…
I said that before right??? I said that long time ago keke I remember it always…..
The day where I will protect everyone will come someday and will you be well protected by me?????? Keke
Let’s enjoy each and every day
For the wonderful day everyday keke

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