06/22 [news] Kim KyuJong Musical ‘Goong’, Crossing the Sea to Japan ‘Sold-out Everyday’

Credits : news@tvdaily.co.kr + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com



Japan is also in the musical ‘Goong’ craze.

Musical ‘Goong’ has its first performance on 11-Jun in Japan, and recorded a sold-out for days, creating a new wave in Japan. The major newspapers in Japan were all reporting on Korea’s ‘Goong’ which is playing in Kyoto currently.

Audiences from all over Asia such as Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc, went to Japan in order to watch ‘Goong’. Some of them who couldn’t get the tickets crowded in front of Minamiza theatre and held a surprise demonstration to request for ‘Additional plays in Kyoto’.

An influential daily newspaper in Japan published a report on 16-Jun “High praises for musical ‘Goong’”, where they evaluated “The performances of Korean musical ‘Goong’ in Japan shows the unique outlook on the world as per the original work and the unique vividness of the musical, coupled with the high standards of songs in Korean musical and the specialty of Kabuki theatre, the musical performance in Japan has more creativity and the musical was done even more powerful than the performances in Korea.”

Asahi newspaper added “In the historical theatre in Kyoto Japan where it is the hometown of Kabuki, watching Korea’s musical about the imperial family, about the country and traditional culture. It tries not to be binded by the existing concept of musical plays. The cultural, historical meaning of Musical ‘Goong’ should be given attention to.” Showing their anticipation with the positive publicity for Korea Musical ‘Goong’.

Despite being his first musical performance, Kim KyuJong (Lee Shin) showed an excellent calm capability and skillful musical actress Kwak SeonYoung (Shin ChaeYoung) said her thanks for the supports “All the actors/actresses were deeply touched and encouraged by the cheers and applause from the audience who filled up the theatre. The actors/actresses are working harder than any times in order to repay the support.”

As a creative Korean musical, musical ‘Goong’ received invitations from leading enterprises in Japan, and was getting enthusiastic attention day after day in Japan. The performance of Musical ‘Goong’ held in Minamiza in Kyoto, Japan, till 1-July-2011, tickets can be purchased through Shochiku ticketing website and Brokore website.

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