06/19 [diary] YoungSaeng – Greetings to you…^^

Credits : Young-Saeng.net + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Title : Greetings to you…^^

Hello~~ I am YoungSaeng…

Album which took a long time to prepare.. in a way, it seems like it passed fast.. in a way, it seems like it is a long period of activities..
By today, I’ve finished the activities for my solo album Let It Go..
Initially while working on this album.. I really felt very stressed.. I felt nervous..
It is the first album that will bear the name ‘Heo YoungSaeng’..
Because of that, I pay alot of attention on it..
In addition, the company which I belong to now.. is my first album with them..
I felt alot of pressure…

This time, with this album.. the objective is to let people know of the name ‘Heo YoungSaeng’..
I think I received more love.. than what I have imagined.. I want to post up a word of thanks sincerely to everyone..

With comeback coming up.. I hurt my hand due to my negligence..
I had to postpone my comeback… and I couldn’t show a nice performance, I will apologize for that.. TT TT
Next time, I will do it with my best condition!!! Coming out~~ and show you my great image~~^^

While having my last broadcast program at Inki Gayo today.. I untie the bandage today..
It’s alright^^ Because I became alot better.. so it’s okay if you don’t worry about it now!! ^^
(Hand has recovered.. but it’s the last broadcast already~~kekekekeke)

Although it is the last performance for Let It Go album today..
But I will have even more activities in the future..
So please wait for a while more!!^^
Next time when I have my activities… Come even more often than this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^-^


ah!! And one more thing!!!!
Some were saying I didn’t write messages in official homepage…
Who said to me..
that fans are trainers…………………
You would be undergoing training…^^

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