06/18 [news] SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun reveals he’s heading for Jakarta

Source & Photo: MyDaily via Naver
Translation by Denouement @ AllKPop

Singer Kim Hyung Jun has passed on a sel-ca of his recent whereabouts to fans.

On the morning of June 18th, Kim Hyung Jun uploaded a photo on his Twitter showing himself with a pair of sunglasses on. The caption read, “Now starting off for Jakarta. Let’s run like my body’s going to collapse. So I can forget everything.” For the ones who don’t know, Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia.

In the photo, Kim Hyung Jun is shown sporting a black t-shirt and black sunglasses. His newly brown-dyed short hair especially accentuates Kim Hyung Jun’s masculine charms, in contrast to his usual ‘flower boy’-like image.

Upon seeing this photo, netizens have shown interest, “His aura changed but I can’t tell how”, “His wild charms suit him better than a fragile beauty image”, and “Why are you going to Jakarta?”.

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