06/15 [news] Kim HyungJun Reveals Friendship with Amazing Singing Skills Soul.J ‘Strengthens Warm Relationship between Seniors & Juniors’

Source: Newsen + Photo from Soul J’s Twitter
Translated by: Stephanie (@Stephiie4SS501/ “Œ•û5AS1)
Please leave the credits remain intact when repost. TQ! 

Singer Soul.J and Kim HyungJun revealed their friendships.

On 13th of June, rookie group N-Train member, Soul J wrote on his Twitter yesterday ‘It was a joyful time practising singing with SS501 HyungJun’s hyung in the office! Today, I hope you’ll have a happy day with a smile. Also, today fighting!’ posted along with a photo.

The photo of HyungJun and Soul J with an affectionate pose was taken in the practising room. It was seen that Kim HyungJun put his arm around Soul J’s shoulder while Soul J pouted his lips posing a cute expression.

The main vocalist of the new rookie group N-Train, Soul J have attracted many attentions due to his impressive singing skills.

Many netizens have responded to this photo ‘So warm to see a senior & junior’s appearance together’ ‘I’m fascinated to see Soul J’s first stage’ ‘Two of you are so cute’ ‘Strong singing skills scary rookie Soul J’ ‘Wish I can have half of HyungJun oppa’s face’

On the other hand, N-Train had debuted the first stage with their single title track ‘One Last Cry’ on 11th of June(Saturday) at MBC ‘Show! Music Core’.

N-Train’s brilliant performance & R&B singing skills have received good ratings as a talented rap group.

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