06/14 [trans] 14 June Japanese Fan Account of Goong

from blog: blog.k-image.net/?eid=1096752
translated by: redcat111 У¶Ô arigato555
posted on: http://www.kimkyujong.com.cn
lifted from baidu.com
photos came from blog
English translation by slimz1808 / liezle.blospot.com

Musical Gong finally starts!

Hi everyone~!!

Much awaited musical Goong started its first show on 11 June in Kyoto. Although have already watched a lot of shows…but still find it very much worthwhile!


I was there for the first show, it was really FULL house and response was GREAT.


Added several different segments to the show as compared to the version in Korea. Performance was really great.


No matter how many shows watched, it is still worthwhile.
On 12 June, there was autograph and handshake after the show


50 lucky fans who purchased merchandises were picked for the autograph and handshake session.


Its my first time having such a chance to have a close-up with performers plus autograph.
While waiting for the session to kick off, Kyu and XXX (pardon, I dont know her name, the female lead) were playing….on Kyu’s hand…scribbling


The relationship between the casts appear to be very good, providing a great atmosphere.
[After Talk] was conducted after the 14 June show.

Started with Kyu Jong and JM and there’s tremendous cheers from the hall.


Q1: Today is already the 4th show, please share your after-thoughts
Kyu Jong : I feel good to be able to perform in such a traditional theater house. Very touched by the positive reactions from everyone. Although I was pretty much nervous during the first performance, now I’m doing it with much happiness and a lighter heart. Thank you.
JM: omitted)

Q2: Kyu Jong performing on stage for the first time as a solo artist away from SS501 members, what are your thoughts?
Kyu Jong : Difference between SS501 and solo is that being together as SS501 for 7 years, issues are being apprehended and thoughts understood pretty fast (i.e good rapport amongst members and staff). Its my first time meeting everyone in this current Goong cast, apart from the initial awkwardness, the process of getting to know each other was great. Everyone is really kind and friendly, really thankful for the chance to know each other and work together.

Q3: Any interesting cast members?
Kyu Jong : I guess everyone knows who right…its the most comical Li Hong Ki (not sure if I got his name right..)


Laughter outburst in the hall…

Li Hong Ki: Hi everyone… *cough cough*… sorry

Q4:LHK has been adding his Jap lines since the first show. Please tell us what is the “behind the scene” relationship between Prince Shin and his guard?
LHK: Oh ya, it is like this! (hugging Kyu Jong in the process) Envy?


Q5: Been at Kyoto for a week but you were all busy with the performances, any impression formed on Kyoto?
LHK: We would go out despite the performances. Yesterday we were out as there was no performance. Went shopping and eating with a few others. There’s a lot of nice food, very happy!
Kyu Jong : He is good in cooking, stayed at home to cook everyday

The other cast members came on stage and did self intro (omitted)


RUN: Actually today is Yunjun’s turn on stage but he was injured during practice and hence got to rest. Appreciate the support from everyone, he will be back with a more splendid stage performance. Please look forward.

Yunjun: Apologies for making everyone worried. Will be performing from the 18th, please support.

KYU JONG : We have really worked hard and prepared much for this. Please watch our show. Everyone is suave and cute. Thank you for being here today. We have shows tomorrow, coming? We prepared the best performances everyday, hope everyone would be here and recommend to your friends.


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