06/14 [news] Kim Hyun Joong confessed ‘Dislike match-make, when fall in love will concentrate fully’

News Courtesy Newsen + (chi trans) bian@½ðÏÍÖØÖÐÎÄÍø + (eng trans) kelemama@501wangja.multiply.com
Repost with full credits only


Kim Hyun Joong honestly disclosed his way to love.

Kim Hyun Joong attended SBS Night After Night on 13 June, and talked about his matchmaking experience and way to love, showing the honest and frank side of him.

With regards to MC Park Myung Soo’s “Do you want to fall in love? Match-make before?” questions as such, Kim Hyun Joong confessed “Good friend recently has a girlfriend””That friend introduced a friend of his girlfriend to me”.

Kim Hyun Joong talked about the awkwardness of matchmaking. “In actual fact matchmaking is really awkward, so I really dislike it” “There’s nothing much to talk about when going to those places. Like ‘what’s your blood type’ this kind of topic is really weird”.

Kim Hyun Joong frankly talked about his experience in matchmaking “Went to a match-make by friend, was quiet for 15mins” “I’ll start to talk first, ask the girl ‘Do you know what is this seat for? Just comfortably have fun, and bid farewell just like friends will do'”.

Kim Hyun Joong with regards to his way to love says “Belong to those that when fall in love will give undivided attention”, “Will be very nice to girlfriend. A totally different person unlike what my friends know me, will become a different person. Will also act pettishness like a kid”.

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